About IntelAgros

IntelAgros began as a STEM eduction project in 2018, and the team included students and menbtors from USA, UK, Russia, Iran, India and Morocco, where our group worked in cooperation with a public-private supported "FABLAB" @ Casablanca. Our team won a prize in a French-corporate-sponsored "Tech-a-Thon competition!

The initial project was all about Water in the face of Climate Change and other Environmental Impacts including degradation of agricultural regions, fluctuations in water, migrations of pests of many species, both microflora and fauna/flora parasites and carriers, and our overpopulation and inbalanced concentration of people and resources.

We aimed high and produced well.

The core IntelAgros unit works as a solo unit and can be for a home (indoor or outdoor garden), a small farm, a mid-sized farm, or a huge agri-business operation. Any type of crops, any type of environment.

The core unit regulates water for irrigation and also additives that are fertilizers and pesticides. There is a pump within each unit.

Everything is done with common industry-standard microprocessors and circuits, and standard IoT-refined software including our select group of Synthetic Intelligence (SI) algorithms.

Power comes from whatever source is available and is multiplexed for optimization - solar, wind, hydro, standard grid or battery, including manual crank-powered recharging that provides enough power for at least a 24-hour period!

Each unit's compute-engine is capable of internet connectivity, and each unit can serve in a BOINC-type Network Conmputing architecture, enabling use of CPU and memory for =innumerablre other tasks when the logic is not being used for the water/fluid/feed mamangement and control.

Each unit can serve to aind im implementation of a local wi-fi subnet, along well-defined MANET principles. Each unit is equipped with powerful defenses against bots and other tampering, subterfuge and sabotage.

IntelAgros, aka SmartWater, is one pioneering and leading example of the modular family of technologies produced by Intelligence Renaissance Industries (IRI) within its C4L Division and IntelAgros is a principal and leading member of the INT product line of "IoT" and "SIoT" ("AIoT") products for home, business, and community.

With IntelAgros, we provide something literally for Everyone, Everywhere, Everytime, that is an intelligent use of technology and material to serve humanity and other living species in our increasingly nonlinear dynamical times of environmental and societal flux.