About Mirnova Foundation

The history of the Foundation goes back decades and spans many different projects, small and larger, all linked with the idea that we can accomplish great results if we create the right environment for people to Flourish and Grow.

The focus of the Foundation is upon "STEAM" - science, technology, engineering, the Arts, and mathematics - in the context of cresating opportunities for individuals and teams, of all ages and backgrounds, to go and do cool smart things that may involve special studies, special internships, special projects.

We are focused upon scholarship and creating opportunities for people who have been particularly and strikingly Disadvantaged as individuals, families, ethnics and social groups, communities. We want to bring special light and energy and opportunity to persons who are smart, bright, creative, unique, but who have been blocked, denied, repressed, suppressed, or held back in their Growth by either human or natural factors - abuse, war, disease, calamities of different forms. These are people - youth and adults - with special value, special strengths, and special abilities!

Read at the main website, Mirnova Foundation about what we have done, are doing, and will do. Join us, help us, support us, in whatever ways you can!