About the PHIBER

This is a brief summary. This is now part of an exciting NIH multi-institutional program, the AIM-AHEAD Program, and it is connected with a lot more goingt on and coming soon from public and private organizations aware of the problems in our public health and committed to making things Better for All.

Contact us to learn more, since the documentation for public release is still being worked on. Ypou can read this summary:

PHIBER (PHEBR) Summary, April 2022

The Population Health Informatics Biomedical Equity Resource (PHIBER) is a key tool for developing understanding of neurophysiological turbulence and entanglement leading to dysautonomic, autoimmune, arrhythmic pathologies and also pleasure/pain dysfunctions.

This resource constitutes an Inteligence Information Domain (IID) in the contextual framework of the OASIS architecture and its implementations. The PHIBER includes: