About Tethys

We are involved with fellow scientists, teachers and students in several countries on a neew form of the Tethys Project that will benefit our world in multiple and sustaining ways. As part of the scientific and particularly the data science work, youth interns and apprentices, working closely with mentors, both online and in-person, will be mponitoring a variety of important chemical and biological metrics in the waters of the Great Lakes of our planet, including the Great Lakes of North America and those of other parts of the world, including, in our near-term plans, the Great Lakes of East Africa.

The data being amassed and collected from many sources includes that available through other research programs around the world, particularly within the European Union and both ESA and EEA. Additionally, the data that will be directly collected through both autonmted and manual monitoring - using hand-held, ground, marine, airborne and satellite methods - will be used within several analytial models, including extensive AI/ML technology, for making forecasts about Earth's behavior in this period of extensive, global, and very non-linear and often extreme-followed-by-extreme climate changes, all of which bring about significant changes in the biosphere. These changes ibnclude migrations and displacements of many species, including many toxic, infectious, and hazardous species of plants and animals, especially viruses, bacteria, fungi, insects and related species that often become vectors or carriers for biopathogens.

We are focused upon scholarship and creating opportunities for people who have been particularly and strikingly Disadvantaged as individuals, families, ethnics and social groups, communities. We want to bring special light and energy and opportunity to persons who are smart, bright, creative, unique, but who have been blocked, denied, repressed, suppressed, or held back in their Growth by either human or natural factors - abuse, war, disease, calamities of different forms. These are people - youth and adults - with special value, special strengths, and special abilities!

There will soon be more to read and see about what we have done, are doing, and will do. Join us, help us, support us, in whatever ways you can!