The TETRAD Group - a Family of Companies

The TETRAD Group
A Family of Companies Delivering Your Desirable Future Today

The TETRAD Group - a Family of Companies
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The Group

The TETRAD Group (TTG; TDYN) is a privately-held company formed in 2013. Its function is to consolidate investment holdings and a portfolio of science-technology-intensive companies and business entities which include joint-ventures and partnerships.

The Group was founded by Martin Joseph Dudziak, an American-born scientist (physics, computer science) and executive. The Group is managed by Dr. Dudziak and a team of senior partners and managers and based in the USA. This experienced, multi-national team includes a tight-knit group of individuals with complementary and diversified skillsets acquired in the course of careers in other businesses, universities, and governmental agencies:

  • Mr. Daniel DeSalvo - Corporate relations, Enterprise systems, and Media
  • Mr. Nicholas Petroff - Finance and business development
  • Ms. Rachel Dudziak - Medicine and healthcare sector
  • Mr. George Carr - Defense and security sector
  • Ms.Jann Hines - Ciovil engineering and Environment
  • Ms. Madeleine Vedel - Agriculture and personal care sector
  • Mr. Alexander Duchenko - Electronics and telecommunications sector
  • Mr. Sergey Mazur - Software and internet sector
  • Ms. Lane Jabaay - Education and human services sector
  • Ms. Tanya Sokolova- Transportation sector
  • Ms. Rebecca Grant- Administration and coordination

TTG does not make products to sell nor provide services to clients directly. All R&D, production, marketing, and sales activities are conducted by and through the companies and business units that are within TTG. Visit the different websites, read about past and recent activities, and contact us to have serious, meaningful, productive and profitable relationships.

We are focused, clear and direct in our mission, upon accomplishing the most significant business developments of the 21st century. We are committed to establishing solid, stalwart foundations that will thrive and grow stronger in this century and beyond into the next.

Be a part of what is a concentrated plan to make wonders real and make lives more fulfilling.

Become part of the growing circle of individuals and companies that are close to our Family.

Contact Us Directly and Easily:

+1 202-415-7295 or +1 505-926-1399

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