About Professor Martin Dudziak

Martin is a "polymath" and 'renaissance person. He is a physicist with a PhD in theoretical and computational physics, and his studies and work have led him into and through closely related themes, topics and studies, all connected with and derived from fundamental physics, mathematics and a strong motivation and foundation in philosophy. This has included such disciplines as theoretical biology, topology, neuroscience, and both theoretical and applied research (and system development) in these areas within computer and information sciences.

Martin grew up in Buffalo, New York and he has lived all over the USA and the world, particularly in Europe, also Central America and Asia, with travel and work in many other places and among many diverse cultures. He has taught in several USA and European universities, within physics, biomedical engineering, and computer science, and he has worked in several multinational corporations and non-profit organizations, focused upon both research and applications. His particular interests and accomplishments concern non-linear, chaotic, stochastic and turbulent systems within physical and biological environments, including cybernetic, sensor-fusion and control applications. Since early childhood he has beenb "driven" by a view that there are sound, logical, and practical ways to integrate "Science" with "Art" and "Spirit", and all in the service of Life, including but not limited to our human species, and definitely not limited to our species living only on this one small planet, Earth.

Martin is both a theoretician and a pragmatic application builder. TETRAD Institute of Complex System Dynamics, initially known as the Institute for Innovative Study, was established in order to provide a nurturing environment, for our 21st century and beyond, that will enable scholars, researchers, thinkers, artists, and more types of creative and innovative persons, to work and collaborate on topics that may be very speculative and abstract, but which can and indeed should have some application, present or future, for the benefit of LIFE. All Life. Human and all species and variations. On Earth and Beyond.

Martin is exceptionally devoted to and skilled in bringing things forward and into open and shared use and development, in all the areas in which he and his friends, collaborators, team members and associates work together. Now in mid-life and with a lot of great things done, "figured out" and ready to put into action, he wants to Make Good Things Happen in big, Big BIG Ways. What is here in this "site map table", this "menu" of different pages and websites, can give You some ideas of how and where We - WE - all can collaborate and create "coadunatio" for the Greater Good of All.

"The 'applied' side of the theoretical domains - this is very important in everything I do, and that starts with the deepest and most abstract mathematics; e.g., things like topological orders in physics, biology, brain and mind. This work carries forth to everything in computer science, synthetic intelligence, cybernetics, robotics, and things pertaining directly to medicine and health, and to society, economics and our environment. Thus, it should be no surprise, and it should be easily understood, that all of the theory, when carefully examined from a wholistic and integrative perspective, leads to concrete applications, practical uses, in medicine, systems engineering, public health, public safety, and productive economics.

I truly believe that we are capable of surviving as a species, and we are sustaining and evolving further and into wonderful futures as a species that can live in harmony with other Life. We are capable. It is in our nature. We must not commit racial suicide, as we have been on the verge of doing for the past century and especially in recent decades. We must Work Together. EWe must Learn how to practice 'coadunatio' - the gathering together and harvesting and organizing our best crops - our minds and hearts. Then we will have a blessed Future for humanity and for Life Itself."

"Let us go Together where No Persons have gone - to Space, yes, and to the depths of our Hearts. and let us Realize our Dreams by working together."

Another recent quote from Dr. D, known for speaking straight-up and to-the-mark:

"There is no point to doing anything that is challenging, difficult, expensive, exhausting, and hard, unless it is going to have results that are extraordinarily, outrageously, powerfully, miraculously Great!"

Some images can convey more than a long string of words. These tell something more about Professor Martin and his philosophy and practice of science and living:

Martin has many other interests, not only in STEM studies and projects. He is an avid student of archaeology and ancient history, too, that being one of his original aspirations as a youth "before physics and the 'hard sciences' took over as #1". Through and by virtue of these different integrated interests and studies, he has established several orgnizations, centers, companies, programs, and projects. The synergistic and symbiotic nature of TETRAD Institute, Intelligence Renaissance Industries, and the Argonaut Group all bear witness to this combination of careful strategy and tactics, based upon principles of logic, common sense and a drive for meaningful success.

and, being that Dr. D is something of a topologist in his thinking in physics and, of late, seemingly everything(!) - and since he is a firm believer in the blessings of a good sense of humor in everythng as well, there is this bit of practical advice: