About The TETRAD Institutes and its Corporate Alliance

The TETRAD Institute comprise four distinct, separate private research organizations:

ASTRA Institute – control, cybernetics, systems, communications, and engineering technology for cooperative, remote-operating systems, particularly for space-based and extreme-type environments.

MIRNOVA Institute – innovative education, training and communications in emerging applied science and technology, particularly within agriculture, energy and environmental management.

OASIS Institute – information, control, cybernetics, computing foundations, architectures and network systems, particularly for interactive mass-population social network environments.

PRIMUS Institute – foundational theoretical physics, particularly the integration of quantum mechanics, particle physics, relativity theory and astrophysics.

All of these exist as centers of study and research, designed to be compact, collaborative, small within infrastructure and resource requirements including facilities, co-sharing and co-habiting where possible and practical, making full use of “dynamic reality” technologies (e.g., physical facilities and online internet resources). They are private but also aligned with other organizations including academic institutions, and open in sharing of ongoing work and results.

The Alliance of Partners working closely with the Institutes includes:

[1] IRI Corporation - digital environments for Communicating, Collaborating, Making, Educating, Entertaining and Trading including the OASIS Dynamic-Reality-Experience Worlds Environment, XMOS Games, IBANK Private Information Bank and Trust, and SELDON Prediction Engine.

[2] Several other partner companies and organizations, all engaged in advanced STEM research, product and service development.