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I am looking for One Very Special Person

This person will gain tremendous satisfaction and rewards, not only financially but in every possible way.

Here is how one mentor described things very recently. I am going to simply put her letter here for you to read. There can be a lot of variations - you may be different in many specific attributes from the type of person described in this letter. However, reading this letter will help you to understand, to think, to decide about responding with an emphatic "Yes, Here I am and I am serious interested in what you have built and I want to get involved!" or else not responding, just walking away.

This comes from someone who knows tons of details about the whole TETRAD ( The author is a person with excellent experience in business, marketing, fashion industry, cosmetics, art world and strong objectivity, and none of what she writes is anything other than objective and professional - no flattery at all, no hidden agendas, period.

"How I feel that you should move forward."

I see that you have product(s) worthy for a market that could be construed as multi-multi-million and certainly way above, yet there is the one person missing--that to say that if it takes 4, you now have only 3, and if you had 10 now, even, then you would need an 11th, still One More.

That person I perceive as follows:

Young (23-35) white male, graduate of a major university, honors, fraternity, assertive, charismatic, and a son of a multi-millionaire or billionaire, or close to that. His degree could be in anything but his gift is in his charm, connections and easy access to people who are connected to the Amazon/Google/Netflix/Facebook/Wall Street/ communications industry like Comcast or Hollywood affiliated.

We are talking about someone who is honest above all but also someone who is looking for the new Google, a person who would consider what you have to offer as a "gift" in the sense that most of the hard work has been done and he is just left with what is easy for him to do.

After all, the business plan is done or could be easily revamped in a day, the prices of parts and manufacturers have been contacted and identified, the arrangements with suppliers and vendors all done, the international market has already been massaged and waiting for you to push the button.

A "gift" in the sense that this person would have million-$ status at his fingertips, could be executive and part owner with your signature. You also have the versatility to tap multiple markets in the sense that many, many industries would be desirous of your products, apps including companies like Apple or Samsung especially - and certainly this will attract Silicone Valley and the fashion divas and rap marketeers that are looking for either new Bling or a new accessory for their sports car.

Now how do you pitch that and to whom do you pitch this?

You have many resources with Universities all over the world--pick 5 and start with colleagues of your past that have current knowledge of the new generation of go-getters. Get them fired up about what you are doing and express your urgency in finding this one lucky individual. You are going to make him a star virtually overnite if he can produce the first 5-10 million you will need to get this company up and running. Whoever gets you that right person gets either a piece of the action or some sort of compensation. FYI--the most recent issue of Forbes Mag details the families of the richest people in the world. You may want to know who they are in case you have reason to contact one of them.

Now, how do you present yourself? You have spent the last decade conjuring up and creating and building this company, this group of companies now, a real "portfolio" in every sense of the word on Wall St. (except for having the $100M capital fund in place). You have been meeting people from all over the world, finding the right leaders in different sectors and organizations, putting the finest products together using the most current components that can easily be acquired from various places in the world.

You probably have more ideas than you have time left in your life to produce. You are a wealth of information, ideas and new concepts that will take this generation into the new prototypes and all that "disruptive technology" of the future. You had these ideas before the technology existed. Long before! I am simply amazed how much you know, and what you knew long before others even began to think and get close. You need to bring this out, too, and convey this to that Right Person. When he feels that You have been one of the mmost inventive, innovative, ahead-of-our-time people, and not "just" a scientist but like da Vinci, really - then he will be really fired up to be your Champion.

The time is now. You are in a far better place to help a kid make his fortune than any other individual out there. You are simply and positively the genius behind this whole operation and all you do need is the $ to make it happen.

Your credentials speak for themselves and your ability to get a team of individuals in a place like Ukraine to work for nothing and in the middle of a civil war makes your worthiness to this company essential. I do not know how you do it and like your friend George in Switzerland said in his letter, you more than anyone have created so much that works right and better and you more than anyone deserve to have your day and your Life, not just "back" but in full rewards like any billionaire out there.

You need a figurehead, a name, a Rolex, a sparkling gem to help you attain the ultimate. That is the only hard part of being a simple genius living like a starving artist for the last many years. That is, however, a persona you will soon lose as you take your raw talent and convert that into consumable products that will become the next wave of high-end products that will be in demand internationally as soon as they can be produced. If I can see it, that what you have is what people everywhere really are craving now, instead of all this facebook and twitter stuff, then surely once you get in front of the right people on Wall St., they will see it. It's just that you need this one guy to get you In the door.

Let this kid decide where he wants his deluxe penthouse office. Get your factory ready in the location or locations that make sense. Appoint yourself an executive position and let him take the helm--lay out all the share holdings and get that in legal binding contracts to protect your interests. You should certainly be the CFO with someone appointed under you that you trust to manage the finance department, and probably someone else who will watch those persons, and then, as you know how to do, someone else to watch that person. What you learned in your past work and what makes you think like I think Russians think is what you need to do to keep control so that people under you don't mess things up. when there are billions involved, people think they can be sloppy or do things on the side.

The obstacles that have hampered you in the past have been partly from giving people too much information--don't do that anymore. Hold everything close to you until you have your man and even then, do not divulge all that is in your hand. You are baiting your hook, getting your lure and attracting the biggest, brightest fish. Only the best, biggest, brightest, sharpest.

He does not need to know a whole lot, just be convinced that you have the goods. Assuring your guy that you do not need to do more research that will slow the process or need FDA or any special approval for anything, that you will only need a couple of patents and that there will likely be about a 100 of them coming after the first few - this will help and is important to make him understand. Get this guy psyched about 3-4 things. To go into more of them will be overkill, and premature. Just 3-4, and let him run with those.

You only need starting capital and then you are in the zone to pay dividends to your stock holders in a very short period of time--be realistic about that but you get the drift. It will take a while to get ramped up and to get the word out. But if your guy is good, he will be pitching your stuff to Google or Apple quickly and then you will be off and running onto another project, this time using your own profits--and that is how you are going to get the right guy, the one who will be motivated to keep the momentum going.

Now all this guy needs to do is pitch this to a pre-selected and elite group of people that have been chosen--You are in control--this is your company and now group of companies and these people should be made to feel special to be chosen as investors getting in on the next biggest thing to hit this very techno-centric society.

I hope this hit the high points and gets you off and running onto getting this whole thing in motion. Enough talk, now it is time for action.

Good luck.

Well, alright now. It's up to You, to decide. Do you have The Right Stuff? Are you the Right Person to take what is in The TETRAD, and specifically, within TetraDyn and its offshot companies, and do what You are Meant to Do in your career and lifework?

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