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OASIS and Terra (Oasis-worlds)

Produced by Intelligence Renaissance Industries (Terra and KOIN divisions) and TETRAD Institute

Note that prior to October 2022 the eco currency model was sometimes termed "exo" or "eco" or "koin", and now it is changed to (only) "eco".

[1] Focus: Eco as a digital currency and new economy.
Eco Development Workbook (Eco Currency, Token, Fund, Neo-Economy based upon OASIS and COMEET principles)

[2] Focus: Eco Triad - Roots in Exoplanetary Corp, Exo Capital Fund, Exo Foundation.
Intro to Exoplanetary Corporation and other corporate entities (original initiative, August 2015)

This now comprises the EXO division of IRI but with the same space-industry-exploration focus!

Original 2015-2016 era Exoplanetary Corporation website

[3] Focus: EcoBank (formerly ExoBank) & Kerberos technologies for secure private Eco-backed trading. EcoBank (formerly IBank) and Kerberos pertain to distributed multi-algorithm dynamic encryption for use in the security and trading of Information Commodities.

[4] Focus: KOIN and koins as substrate of Eco logics and securities

[5] Focus: OASIS (Terra) as a Socioeconomic Dynamic-Reality World and Medium for Eco-based Economics.

EYRIE Focus Documents - pertaining to OASIS and Oasis-world ("Terra") implementations.

[5.1] Sub-Focus within OASIS (Terra) topics: Eyrie and OSM Technology for OASIS

[6] Focus: XMOS Games within OASIS (relevant to Eco and KOIN activities)

[7] Focus: TETRAD Institute (TI) and Intelligence Renaissance Industries (IRI)

[8] Focus: Directed Acyclic Graphs (DAG) - technical topics