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The TETRAD Group - a Family of Companies
STEM and also the Arts and Humanities

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A Sampler List of Course Offerings

The MANISTEE Project

The STEAM Engine
(aka GREENHOUSE Academy)

The courses, seminars, lectures, and discussion forums span many topics and involve many experts, specialists, and highly experienced teachers and facilitators.


Levels and Audiences

  • General Audience
  • Elementary and high school
  • University and Postgraduate
  • Professional Continuing Education
  • Adanced Scientific Research

What we cover, teach, facilitate, and e-du-cate:
Fundamentals, Theory, Applications, and Current Critical Issues and Problems


  • Online and onsite events, real-time participation or post-event viewing
  • YouTube videos for most lectures and talks
  • Interactive channels for Q/A including post-event

Enhanced online interactive sessions and learning enrichment environments for many seminars and subjects

Typical presentation consists of the lecturer or seminar leader being present in the ORBIS Greenhouse, in our innovative on-the-road Mobile Communications Center, using blackboards, whiteboards and computer visualization media.

Q/A sessions are either directly within the event or follow at the end of the lecture.

Lecturers include subject matter experts from many disciplines and specializations, from institutions and organizations worldwide, including colleges and universities, companies, and public agencies.

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