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The TETRAD Group
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The TETRAD Group - a Family of Companies
Our Employment and Income Opportunities
Management, Marketing, Sales
Investor Relations, Contracts/Grants, MediaPR

This page describes multiple opportunities within an extensive and growing Portfolio of different companies and business ventures

My company manages and directs a portfolio of different businesses. I am looking to bring onboard a few individuals who can gradually take charge of these businesses and parts of their operations. In addition I and other colleagues are involved in some non-profit enterprises. These are businesses, too, and there are also opportunities for the right types of individuals.

We are only interested in persons who have real experience, real skills, genuine interest. We have a successful history and we are looking to grow. These are not "entrepreneur startup" ventures, and we are already operating internationally.

This webpage prodvides an introduction for all of the current opportunities. You need to browse through this and find the right thing for you, and if you find something that is a clear match, then contact us and we will begin a discussion.

We are looking for these types of people and functions:
  • Marketing, sales, investor relations, media relations
  • Attorney(s) who want to engage in board-level capacities
  • Accountant(s) who want to engage in board-level capacities
  • Grant-writers and contract managers

We operate with two bases in the USA: Michigan and Washington. We have people, projects, contracts, sales, developments, in Europe and Asia and we have seed-activities in Central and South America. We are establishing a complete Mobile Command, Control and Communications Center that is a modular on-the-road laboratory and workspace.

We have nice homes and offices and places for onsite meetings and internal corporate retreats and special activities. We have done business with many Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 companies in USA and around the world.

The range of our businesses and their operations is diverse. Here, we tell you about several, because you may have a special skillset or experience that matches. If one or more of these areas is where you have some experience within business development, management, and especially within marketing, sales, investor relations, and/or media/communications, then there could be reason to talk about where and how you may fit into our growth and expansion plans.

Here are keywords and key "highlight" phrases - the important skillsets and activities and the results that need to be produced by anyone - are simple and clear, and there is more information below and if/when we talk:

  • Contracts - Product Sales, Technical Services - IT and BioMed business mainly:
    • Online and Onsite custom adaptation of (principally) software/internet products
    • Non-IT product sales - sensors, sensor systems, antimicrobial bioprotection, health-safety-security focus
  • Negotiations and Deals for our people to provide:
    • Consulting at management and advanced tech levels - special Subject Matter Expertise (SME) including Expert Witness Services
    • High-end technical management services, not low-level, management mentoring and technical consulting
  • Educational programs, youth-focused, "STEM" topics - this is on the non-profit side of our world
  • Advanced research in physics and biophysics including quantum computing and quantrum biology - this is both "basic" and "applied" - both non-profit and with definite for-profit opportunities and existing, established, patented intellectual properties
  • Investments into both our portfolio and other companies in which are are involved in different capacities as investors and mentors, advisors, brokers, including:
    • Special (REMIC) real estate investment opportunities - agriculture and residential

Here is another list about what you will find within or controlled by some of the companies in our portfolio group:

  • software, internet, internet-of-things, websites, data mining, and apps for Android and Apple
  • more advanced computer and internet technology - analytics, artificial intelligence, pattern (e.g., faces, clothing, objects) recognition, anti-spam, cybersecurity, social network knowledge extraction and discovery
  • antimicrobial bioprotection treatments for buildings, surfaces, equipment, using well-established components and products
  • Internet-of-things-capable sensors for use in cosmetics, healthcare, food and beverage production
  • Virtual reality and visual stimulation for medical, healthcare and personal entertainment applications


  • Real Estate - agriculture + residential + hybrid commercial - principally southeastern USA
  • Wine and Cheese and Cured Meats, with on online business component
  • Jewelry and Fashion that fits with internet-of-things
  • Travel - we make our money through the custom, elite travel packages for select customers
  • Specialized Security Information Provisions and Services - acquisition, analysis, reporting

Here are a few URLs that you are welcome to visit.

These will give you some idea about a few of the components within our Portfolio as it is today.

Web, Internet, App Samples large file

mainly Mobile App Samples

More on other things after we connect and have that first conversation.

Contact Us Directly and Easily:

+1 202-415-7295 or +1 505-926-1399

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