Eva Deli, PhD

Eva Deli is a theoretical physicist with special studies and research in neurobiology and neural models of cognition, learning, memory and consciousness.

Eva is a consultant in brain physics and cognitive science research. She is the author of the 2015 book, ‘The Science of Consciousness’ and coauthor of ‘Is Reality a Simulation?’ published in 2018. She writes a popular blog called ‘The science of consciousness.’ Her coherent approach toward consciousness, emotions, and behavior was aided by her extensive background in molecular biology research and the arts.

A graduate of the University of Debrecen in Hungary, her career work in cancer research resulted in 20 peer reviewed publications.

Eva is the author of the book, "The Science of Consciousness: How a new understanding of space and time infers the evolution of the mind". In this volume, Dr. Deli brings to a focus her work in developing a synthesis of theoretical physics, neurology and evolution, introducing a new hypothesis which describes space and time as orthogonal fields.

This leads to a model of cosmological evolution which generates complexity and culminates in the emergence of the intelligent mind. Her work, expressed in this and other publications, provides applications from evolutionary biology and theoretical physics, to social sciences and economics.