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These are some special postings from the Founder (and in some cases, the senior executive; e.g., CEO, Executive Director, Chief Technologist) of the current member-organizations within The TETRAD Consortium, Mar'tan (Martin Dudziak).

Some material here is authored by Dr. Dudziak. Other material is from other individuals and sources.

Yes, I am a member of a certain "1%." In many and most ways that people think of that. For the most part I have done a reasonable job of keeping this hidden; now seems to be my "coming out" time. But it is not quite the "`1%" that may come at first to most peoples' minds!

So what? Lots of wealth, money, brains, intellect, even what some call "wisdom" - perhaps. So be my personal lot in life. It certainly does not make me "better" than others. Homes, land around the world, secure places, nice places, and "traditional" wealth in the right places - if that it not used to Build Better for More, then it is worth not the paper or the vaults that secure the "possessions." None of that makes me "more priviliged, elite, special, separate-and-apart." I simply am.

Some-body. Some-one. That's who and all I am on this merry-go-round. With a set of talents and no-talents, with a changing set of likes and dislikes, with my strengths, weaknesses, my sattva-rajas-tamas, my yins and yangs. And having "more" than 99% or just 1% of material things and other assets - it does not make me a prince, king or pseudo-king called "CEO-worth-1000x-more-than-others."

I, like you,have a dynamic set of opportunities to decide, every minute, every step of Living, "Yes, No, Sure, Go, Do." That act of deciding is what makes me or anyone worth anything at all in the face of our fellow beings, YOU, or else to be just a "user" of, yes, YOU, WE, all of us.

Like everyone else in that "1%", I will eventually be in the "100%" - we all reach the end of our allotted and grace-given and sheer-luck time and we die. Then, thereafter, We All are Who and What We Did with Our Lives.

Now is the time to Do or do-nothing, to Be or be-nothing. I'm in the "0.01%", apparently (glad to be so, but unpleased that there is no little company). I Am Doing.

Doing Something, contantly retuning, re-deciding, re-inventing myself to be Better - and to me that is the real "Richer". Not just being in this "1%" of numbers - Bah, humbug! For this, I can only count coins and see big numbers on spreadsheets. I want something More, and mere quantities of money cannot buy that. I knew that even before it was there.

But ACTION that Changes People's Lives in favor of Life and away from Death and boring captivation and delusion with "self" gratification and gluttony - now that is much better than any yachts or those homes which are or were so big I cannot even think about using all the space.

Come help me share this Real Wealth! Help me grow this "less-than-1%" in a way so that there are More of Us who are DOING instead of just collecting, amassing, eating and going through the mere motions of living. Help me with the New (R)Evolution so that we don't just have another bloddy revolution. Join with me to change the world's very Substance and Being - which is, after all, YOU.

Martin Joseph (familia Dudziak)

Martin's full curriculum vitae

The Pitchforks are Coming
One of the very best-written socioeconomics statement in a long time, a brief article by Mr. Nick Hanauer of Seattle, a co-founder of

20 Under 20 and how they will dominate and direct the world by 2020
A Core Project, funded and growing, that addresses precisely those calls for action by Nick Hanauer and many others - not only fellow "1-percenters" but a population of SocioEconomically Aware People. This is a Radical Project to deal head-on with Radical Things today. "20 under 20" are going to do radical things in Space and make profits that most venture capitalists, entrepreneur-wanna-bes, and hedge fund managers only dream of...

Another Project of TODAY, Here and Now, that answers the calls and the needs of Mr. Hanauer and those who stand with us in such ways, for Life, for People, for Common sense and Reason.

The Tsunami that refreshes - by M. J. Dudziak, PhD ("MJD")
An essay that weaves past and present to point out that there is a way to build an economy that Really Works for those who care about more than what their ADHD outlook on life allows them...

Arts, Living, Loving, Leading, Giving, Investing, Communicating, Sharing, Collaborating - by MJD

Innovation - by MJD (2002)
Written long before the silcone-valley-bloggers and "linkedin" indiego-go-ers discovered the word.

Dudziak and Einstein
Two letters very worth reading. By a great amd famous genius and 60 years later, by some other guy. Serious Wake-Up Calls for Our Times.

The Meaning of Life in Andalusia
Wake-Up Calls for Our World and All Times, from some brilliant humans who walked and spoke without fear, and to whom we all need to listen.

Intelligence Failures - an Organizational Economics Perspective
Written by a brilliant US federal judge and a noted Chicago economist, this explains why and how the USA failed in Iraq, Afghanistan, and with attempting to counter terrorism through empty-headed herd-mentality bureaucracy and corporatrivia.

The Authoritarians
A deeply complex and forthright book by a Canadian psychologist, with insights as to why there are Nazis, Bosheviks, Tea Parties and other eXtremists everywhere in our midst and seemingly more and more each day.

Five Rings - Go Rin No Sho
Beyond and Beneath "Art of War" (excellent, also), Dr. D's Most Honored Teacher wrote this after he retired and became a hermit. It is considered a fundamental treatise to be studied in Japan and China within leading schools of business, finance and government.

A Sequence of Soul
Many people will not understand or appreciate what is really being communicated here. What about You? I hope you Do.

This is my special message to certain individuals who thought we couldn't - or something like that.

"It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.

Charles Darwin

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