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Larissa Brizhik, PhD

Larissa is a world-recognized leader in theroetical physics and biophysics and in medical foundations and applications involving bioelectrics and biomagnetics. She has been a leader of research teams at the Boglyubov Institute for Theoretical Physics in Ukraine and she is also a member of the prestigious International Institute of Biophysics in Neuss, Germany.

Larissa studied physics at Kiev State University before completing her PhD at the Bogolyubov Institute. Her current research interests include electro-photon interaction, soliton mechanism for energy storage and the influence of electromagnetic radiation on biological systems, amongst others.

Dr. Brizhik has published a substantial number of papers in leading scientific journals and has participated in many conferences around the world. Larissa received the Prigogine Medal in 2011.

She has particular expertise in the critical issues and challenges of introducing biomagnetic and bioelectric technogies into medical and psychiatric therapies, and she has extensive direct knowledge and experience in matters involving individual and social stress, trauma, adaptation and recovery including in the direct context of contemporary long-duration conflict and war.

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