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Martin Dudziak, PhD

Prof. Martin Dudziak works directly in the clinical application of psychosocial and medical applications that integrate contemporary methods and trraditional practices of psychoanalytical therapies with treatments for a wide class of neurological and autoimmune disorders. He brings to Gaia Oasis a lifelong career of research spanning the physical, biological and social sciences. Martin's background is extensively grounded in the domains of complex non-linear dynamical systems, with research interests in both theoretical and applied areas. His extensive research spans from theoretical and quantum physics, theoretical biology, and computational systems, into the life sciences.

Having received his PhD in theoretical and computational physics at Union Institute and University, following degrees received at Colgate University, Univ. of California and Johns Hopkins University, "Dr. D" has taught in several US and European universities, consistently developing new theoretical foundations and conducting applied research with a "prime directive" for systemtic, whole-person wellness among people. He has developed novel, pioneering and scientifically consistent techniques that empower and improve upon diagnostics and therapeutics in areas of critical need for people of our present contemporary society.

Martin is the principal originator of Neuroplex Therapy ("N-Therapy"), the name given to the methodology of analysis and synthesis within psychophysiological therapeutic processes as practiced within the Gaia Oasis clinical envorinment.

Martin is a founder and executive director of TETRAD Institute (TI), and he is the founder and chief executive officer of Intelligence Renaissance Industries (IRI). He has been active in recent years as an affiliate, special, and/or visiting professor in USA and Europe and also as a consulting scientist and executive with several organizations in the medical, pharmaceutical and computer industries. His multicultural experience and expertise has led him to work in and with diverse peoples in diverse environments, leading to current work that emphasizes social and health applications of fundamentally theoretical research and methods.

Dr. Dudziak's teaching and research currently extends his work into areas within the health sciences and medical disciplines, spanning relevance within neurology, infectious and autoimmune disease, virology, and epidemiology.

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