Neema Simon Sumari, PhD

Dr. Sumari is a geo-informatics information technology professional with strong leadership ability, effective interpersonal skills, and strong experience in software engineering and automatic documentation generation. A gradutate of Concordia College and Alabama A&M University with machelor's and master's degrees in computer science, she studied at Wuhan University and received her PhD; her doctoral thesis was "The Design and Development of a Secure Internet-Based Protocol for the Control of a Remote Solar Tracker."

Since 2008, Dr. Sumari has been on the faculty of Sokoine University of Agriculture in Morogoro, Tanzania 2008.She is presently a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Informatics, specializing within Informatics/Computer Science courses and conducing supervised seminars and workshops, in addition to her research projects.

Neema is fluent in English and Swahili native Language and very involved in multiple international organizations, including:

Neema's Core Expertise includes:
Big Data Analysis, Project Risk & Scope,Requirements Definition,Spatial Analysis,Team & Project Leadership, Earth Observation, Remote Sensing & GIS Application, Data Integrity, Land Use Analysis.

Recent accomplishments, engagements and presentations include:

Honors and awards include: