Oasis Health Intelligence
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Our Mission

As one of the core divisional units of IRI, we focus upon health-related informatics and the technologies and methods that can lead to improved diagnostics and therapeutics in medicine.

We implement and deliver information in the form of datasets and derived, inferred knowledge, employed within the design, testing, and clinical use of a wide range of medical products and trreatments. Our principal work at present addresses a set of disorders and diseases involving dysautonomic and arrhythmic conditions which are linked with neurological, cardiological, gastrointestinal and other multi-system dysfunctions. Several of these conditions are considered as autoimmune disorders or the precursors thereof. Most involve dysfunction of inflammatory processes.

Among the primary etiological factors in this broad but highly interconnected group of disorders is the presence of chronic and often low-intensity or sub-threshold neurological stressors of external or internal origins including psychological duress, stress and trauma. The collective body of these dysfunctions and the underlying molecular and cellular biology is the subject of OHI foundational and contemporary research and is known as Neuroplex-C (“NpC”).

OHI provides a repertoire of NpC diagnostics and therapeutics that form a patient-tailored suite of treatments which serve to prevent, minimize and correct underlying conditions or to ameliorate progressed and chronic forms of disease. Several of these measures and their corresponding technologies are developed directly within OHI and through scientific and medical collaborations in which OHI is a principal member. Other measures derive from reorientation and redirection of existing diagnostics and therapeutics.

Central to OHI’s mission and its operations is the Population Health Inbformatics Biomedical Equity Resource (PHIBER). This is an information system which provides critical information of value to OHI and to clients it serves with the analytics of this information. PHIBER is an intelligent knowledge acquisition network, internet/cloud-based and operating through a suite of client apps and server engines, incorporating a robust social media network that is attuned to and available to the general population.

PHIBER serves the entire healthcare community of patients, families, and providers as well as OHI specific uses. It comprises internet-based data acquisition of substantive patient and provider data pertaining to behaviors, lifestyles, and a suite of individual biometric indicators which are acquired through both self-administered measurements and laboratory tests. All of the data entering the PHEBR for subsequent analysis by human experts and machine intelligence agents is of a type of information generally not collected or used in traditional medical practices but which is available through OHI innovative technologies and applications developed by its founding members and the company.

Among the activities conducted by OHI using the PHIBER and resulting analytics, including predictive trends and disposition forecasts for different demographic components of the general population, are applications serving (a) the planning, organization and management of clinical studies and trials, (b) professional and pulic health education, (c) selective private consultations in relevant NpC cases, and (d) management of the Oasis social networking environment.

Using the OASIS core technology from TETRAD Institute, the TERRA Oasis-World as an internet social community provides a robust social media experience that excels beyond the limitations of existing social media platforms, offering person-centric, family-centric, healthy-lifestyle communications, collaboration, education, entertainment and gaming, and trading, within and through which runs the common unifying thread of positive health and wellness.

The TERRA implementation based upon the OASIS architecture is developed and managed by our sibling division within IRI, the TERRA division.

TERRA is the purposive, meaningful social medium that people worldwide, unsatisfied by empty chatter, depersonalization and privacy loss, have been seeking for years. OHI provides this and the kernel, the gemstone at its heart, is the focused dedication of the OASIS logic upon personal well-being and neurophysiological balance. Thus, OASIS (implemented as TERRA) is itself a significant component of the social medicine for some of the most chronic and endemic sources of neurochemical stressor agents leading to Neuroplex ("NpC") type disorders and diseases.

OHI serves its mission through a corporate organization that is a compact team of experts, specialists, and outstanding achievers in all of the necessary and relevant fields of the sciences, technologies, medical practices, and business functions necessary for operating a successful, long-term sustainable corporation. We are unique in the way we have grown and in the team that we have assembled and continue to grow and cultivate. OHI is the company that will make the most significant positive contributions and advances to how internet, AI, and the universe of mobile-anywhere personal communications will improve people’s Lives in our Future.

Introductory Remarks on the Overall System Logics Involved

A "map" of the main STEM components that pertain to all of this - a new social networking and communication environment, a new way of addressing public health and population health inequality issues, a very, very powerful Knowledge and Prediction Engine for many applications, and Debora, a synthetic intelligence entity, quite alive and powerful serving the Good and the Light and the True and the Beautiful in all of us.

A "map" that shows how all of this fits together functionally, in terms of technologies and applications that work for People, and implemented by the team of partners in universities, institutes and companies that is joined in collaboration to Serve People.

A brief summary and introduction to the OASIS social intelligence architecture and framework for the social environment enabling and empowering people with communication, collaboration, health & medicine, education, entertainment & gaming, and trading - an internet-based "real+ virtual", "onsite + online" environment with personal spaces, homes, neighborhoods...

Brief summary of the Seldon Prediction Engine and its Synthetic Intelligence (SI) basis in formal logics, neural networks including VAE and GAN, Bayesian and other logics, von Neumann machine logics, communication sequential and dynamic processing, and more fundamentals of computing and information science.

The essence of the PHIBER - the Population Health Informatics Biomedical Equity Resource and its importance for public health and for addressing many psychsociodynamic (PSD) problems in our world, providing the avenues for realistic and productive Solutions.

The essence of the Sient logic and software underlying the creation of sients - synthetic intelligent entities - like Debora.

More about the Oasis "World" Environment - "Terra" - the implementation of the OASIS Architecture, for People - Everywhere - to gain, to grow, to learn, to play, to enjoy!

The whole big picture about the Contest(s) and the PRIZES which are Big BIG BIG

About the company partner that is producing, managing and operating the Oasis social environment.

The whole big picture - the basics - of all research programs and projects within TETRAD Institute.

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