Oasis Health Intelligence
(division of Intelligence Renaissance Industries - IRI)

and TETRAD Institute
Teaming to Apply Cognitive Technologies that Address
Abuse, Trafficking and Subjugation

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Explicit and implicit, periodic and sustained, many people are subjected to abuse in a variety of forms. Physical and often sexual. Emotional. Verbal. Bullying is a form of abuse. Disrespect, condescention, mockery.

Then there is trafficking and various forms of slavery. This all creates much more than something that can be later described as "psychological" and as something to treat with a pill or a weekly counseling session. We are seeing the very severe physical effects - POTS, MALS, and different forms of dysautnomic disease including cardiac arrhythmias. Add in the consequences of self-abuse in the form of alcohol and drug abuse, overeating and minimal exercise and fitness. The consequences are severe.

One of the tools we have and that OHI is emphatically putting forward to the World is in the ability to employ very sophisticated but straightforward technologies such as what is in the PHIBER - the Population Health Informatics Biomedical Equity Resource, along with Synthetic Intelligence - otherwise called "AI" or "artificial intelligence", machine learning, deep learning and many other terms.

IRI's division, OHI, takes algorithms and software that has been refined over decades in fields of signal (radar, sonar, etc.), image and text processing, and we are using this technology to aid in the identification and prediction tasks for developing models and usable tools to have earlier warning, earlier detection, earlier "heads up' and "look ahead" knowlege that can be used in Two Important Ways in order to mitigate, reduce, and curtail the problems of Abuse, Trafficking and Subjugation that are literally ripping our society apart. Some of the basic research derbives from work in these mathematical and computational areas within both TETRAD Institute and Intelligence Renaissance Industries (IRI), working together along with other partners and collaborators.

These Important ways can be summarized here as:

[1] Who is at risk and slipping into the perils and pits of being a Victim, and how can we reach such persons faster, and even before things really get bad for them

[2] Who is at risk or already in the paychopathological pit of being an abuser, a trafficker, an enslaver, a subjugator, and how can we reach such persons faster and before they harm others.

We are also working to develop the entire ATS strategy and tactics in other ways and means, incorporating the "STEM" and all that's been mentioned above, with media, with the written word, with graphics, and with film.

Yes, this is "Something Different" from the usual way that scientists, doctors, and social workers generally go about things, but actually, not so different in our contemporary world that is so dominated by visual media, stories, both documentary and fiction types, and the universal and strong dominance of the internet in peoples' lives.

We have been experimenting, with text, and now film, and we can tell you much more about these avenues as well. You can even explore some "preliminaries" -

Cyber Robin and the Hood

Bold, daring goals which you may think are unachievable, too difficult, too "hard".

Phooey. That's what they said over and over to the Wright Brothers, to Henry Ford, and probably to the first fellow to make a Wheel. That's what they said about computers and about going up into Space and to the Moon.

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