We must recognize that we are at a Turning Point as a human civilization and we need to undertake significant changes in how we respond to and solve problems, challenges, that are unlike any we have ever faced before as a human race, as a planetary civilization.

We CAN DO the intelligent things but this requires having the right teams, the right focus, the right resources, and above all, the right attitudes about how we go about our science, our technology, our business, our socialization, to Solve Big Challenging Problems.

These following charts plus the short accompanying text give you a glimpse into a Very Different Way of Addressing and Solving Very Big Serious Problems. We hope you will take the Opportunity to read these carefully, and then go to read more detailed information, and then do the Only Logical Thing when someone (in this case, Our Team) approaches a person with a big problem on his or her hands (in this case, You) and says, "May I offer you some assistance? I do this sort of thing every day and pretty well."

The world is not ending. Not for awhile at least. But we are in an apocalyptic phase of life, a major transition, and just as the etymology of this word says, it is all about change, shift, a break with some old ways, a beginning of some new, and a need for Intelligent Adaptation.

An "apocalyptic" process is not necessarily bad, catastrophic, or to be avoided. First of all, as in our present Situation as a Human Civilization on one solitary small planet, Earth, it is Unavoidable. Secondly, it is something that is an Opportunity for Growth, Discovery, Change, Evolution, and something better than mere "survival" of whatever and however things were in the past. We are at the cusp of a New Eveything, about how we exist as individuals, as families, as communities, as large groups such as nations and races, and as a Civilization. We must be sincere, serious, but also we can be optimistic.

** We see the consequences of what should have been a far less chaotic response to the significant but not unforeseeable and not unmanageable COVID-19 pandemic of the coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2. Things did not need to be this way, and they can be changed. However, things must be done in a methodical, logical, and sensible manner. Otherwise the consequences to a cascade of natural and man-made complications and challenges will break our ability as a civilization to adapt, to organize, to control, and to survive.

Why we exist and live as an Institute and as a Company as an a Consortium of quite a few other experts and highly-practiced individuals is because We Can Make a Very Good Difference for You.

** Our immensely over-populated planet can control its population growth in ways that do not require suffering or loss of natural personal and familial desires and wishes. A major part of the problem is the overgrowth of bureaucracy within our societies, and infrastructural systems that are weakly and poorly maintained. Our economy is still focused upon accelerated growth and expansion, in the face of dwindling resources for energy, food, water, and other essentials. We can address this in a logical manner, or else we will face the most severe consequences as so clearly stated by people like Jorgen Randers in his seminal critique, "2052: A Global Forecast for the Next Forty Years" - a book that everyone should read and study carefully.

** The risks from both natural and human-accelerated climate change and other environmental changes, including transformed patterns in the habitats and migration patterns of many species of animals and plants - including microorganisms capable of inducing epidemic and pandemic infectious diseases - these risks are not merely possibilities but concrete realities. Our social and engineering infrastructures are not presently capable of handling these changes well. People, across the planet, need to change lifestyles and behaviors in many ways to adapt to these new dynamics, or else the consequences will be severe.

** The risks from both asteroid collisions and EMP (electromagnetic pulse) bursts in space are definite albeit unpredictable. We need to have adequate technology solutions inm place, ready for these events. We have had the capability to do so for years. We cannot ignore the realities even though there are many uncertainties about where, when and how.

There are risks that are difficult to enumerate or specify, but we are now within possibly 15.5 years or possibly 47.5 years of an event that can wipe out most of Civilization and that includes your equity stocks, your hedge funds, your 401(k), and all the rest. WE can help to avert this with High Certainty and Reliability.

There are great prospects for moving forward positively and intelligently. The next step is yours - Contact us and let's have Constructive Purposive Dialog.

Each of these Projects addresses multiple aspects of these Four Huge Challenges.

** ASTRIC addresses the diversion of collision-bound asteroids and creates a mechanism by which countermeasures for destructive EMP events can be averted both in space and on Earth. ASTRIC addresses also problems on Earth that need solutions with cooperative networks of both robots and humans. ASTRIC is something that can be built at a fraction of the cost and time required for many "heavy-load and heavybureaucracy" engineering projects for Space and also on Earth.

** CHS (Community Health and Safety Infrastructures) is an integrated approach to addressing pandemics and other public health problems like COVID-19 so that they do not become the Disasters that they have been in 2020 thus far. This Project works to enhance healthcare and prevent waste, loss, and especially, sickness and death from diseases that can be managed and mitigated very well through smarter communications and information-access, mobile and versatile diagnostics, tesating and treatment, and person-oriented, socially-serving antimicrobial bioprotection. With CHS, communities small and large and whole nations can have a much more effective suite of tools for helping Everyone in matters of personal and public health and safety.

If you are a Leader among People, you need to be talking with us. If you are not such a Leader, you need to push your "leaders" to do exactly that. Constructive Purposive Dialog with us ASAP.

** VESID is a core component of CHS which addresses both prophylactic (preventive) and early-stage therapies for viral infections, working in tandem with vaccines and better nutrition and overall personal hygiene and healthcare. VESID is not another vaccine. But it may reduce significantly and positively the problems of social distancing, masking, and closre of entire business sectors and economies!

** NeoPlexus addresses needs in the realm of complex computing that are increasing in demand and for which a significantly new approach to computation and pattern recognition is required. This project will also directly deepen our understanding of how viruses and cells interact, how our immune system works, and how viral diseases can be combatted more efficiently and more rapidly once they appear.

If you are a Leader among People, you need to be talking with us. If you are not such a Leader, you need to push your "leaders" to do exactly that. Constructive Purposive Dialog with us ASAP.

** OASIS addresses the need to cultivate social intelligence and critical thinking among individuals and groups, overcoming the hazards and the diseases of misinformation and social meme-thinking. This is a way that addresses the great needs and wants of people today, for social media and social networks that are serving people and not the small narrow interests of a few companies, oipening up Purposive Meaningful and Person-Enhancing Socialization, as opposed to the opposite as we have seen over the past decade with such "anti"-social media that aims only to control how people think and feel.

If you are a Leader among People, you need to be talking with us. If you are not such a Leader, you need to push your "leaders" to do exactly that. Constructive Purposive Dialog with us ASAP.

** Reflexive Topological Dynamics addresses several fundamental basics in physics and enables an opening-of-new-doors in areas of energy production including fusion and other heretofor untapped sources of energy for Earth and for use in Space. There are even direct and practical applications for other industries such as mining and for handling the challenges of many events in our weather, climate and our geophysical world stability.

** IntelAgros is a project that enhances more efficient, clean, and productive farming at the level of the smallest gardens to the largest agri-business farms. It helps to conserve water and minimize the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. This is something for the home and the farm-business. It also helps to increase natural and clean energy for electricity, and it aids in monitoring our changing environment and climate. It also provides reliable sustainable computing and information storage if the global internet collapse or is shut down. Actually, IntelAgros is quite amazing for all its simplicity.

If you are a Leader among People, you need to be talking with us. If you are not such a Leader, you need to push your "leaders" to do exactly that. Constructive Purposive Dialog with us ASAP.

** Mirnova addresses the needs for enhancing STEM and also arts and humanities education and training, including hands-on apprenticeships, for youth and adults, in a variety of projects that include Art Diversity and Knowledge Conservancy. Mirnova is about building our Strengths to deal with our Challenges. Mirnova is all about Education that Implements and Grows and Extends Culture and Civilization. Our most important Strengths are in Our People, especially our Youth, and in how we interact as social teams.

If you are a Leader among People, you need to be talking with us. If you are not such a Leader, you need to push your "leaders" to do exactly that. Constructive Purposive Dialog with us ASAP.

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