We have hardly had a moment to revise this website and others. All this year (2020) we have been and continue to be working intensively on VESID (Viral Entry Structural Integrity Disruption) and Project ANGARA (also known as CHS (Community Health Sustainability) which involves community/region-focused integration of environmental and facility bioprotection, mobile and rapid-response diagnostics and treatments, intelligent healthcare informatics, and VESID prophylactics and therapeutics). We have been very focused in the biomedical and social health spheres, because of SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19 and with very positive results for reducing this global mega-problem.

Sorry for any confusions, errors, slowness, or brevity in terms of things like websites. We will answer any questions and can provide all manner of documents including papers, reports, presentations, and organizational info. Just contact us. Thank you.

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