About Oasis Health Intelligence

This is a very brief and introductory summary. Go to the OHI website and learn more!

We are addressing the core problems of neurological, cardiological, autoimmune and inflammatory disorders and diseases which are linked to a variety of stressors in our lives - chemical and electromagnetic types, and those originating from behavioral, social and interpersonal origins.

The core of this is what we call the Neuroplex-C Problem - and the Project. That is all about basic research, biomedical and life science research, and clinical trials. It is all leading into new diagnostics and therapeutics with an emphasis upon early-warnings and non-invasive procedures.

With Oasis Health intelligence, we aim to use and apply that work, the research results, the clinical results, in ways that are sensible, receptive, attractive, and economical for People. For patients - for everyone - and for families, care-givers, providers and institutions. What we do works with all that exists Today - for instance, the EHR systems from Epic, Cerner, Allscripts, McKesson, Mayo and others. This is about making things more cohesive, consistent, and Responsive to More of Our People - and that means YOU, too.

We are excited, empowered, emboldened, and energized to Get A Lot of Good Things Done and Into Your Hands and for the benefit of All Our Lives.