About TETRAD Institute, its Centers, and its Corporate Alliance Partners

The TETRAD Institute is a private research organization that includes two distinct, focal, organized centers of activity:

ASTRA Center control, cybernetics, systems, communications, and engineering technology for cooperative, multi-agent, remote-operating systems, particularly serving space-based and extreme-type environments including in terrestrial and maritime environments.

PRIMUS Center foundational theoretical physics, particularly the integration of quantum mechanics, particle physics, relativity theory and astrophysics, particularly focused upon emerging energy technologies.

These both exist as centers of study and research, operating as compact, collaborative, low-infrastructure and low-resource facilities. These two Centers have specific Programs and Projects that are their primary focus of activity.

All components of the TETRAD Institute are aligned with other organizations including academic institutions, and open in sharing of ongoing work and results. Also within the TETRAD Institute are other Programs and Projects relating to fundamental and applied science and technology. Some of these are primarily of computational, neurobiological and/or socioeconomic focus. These include three major long-term TETRAD Institute Programs, complementing those of the two Centers:

The Alliance of Partners is a special group of independent companies working closely with TETRAD Institute. The Alliance includes:

[1] Intelligence Renaissance Industries (IRI) - information-centric technologies and environments for Communicating, Collaborating, Making, Educating, Entertaining and Trading including the OASIS Worlds Dynamic-Reality-Experience Environment, CYBOT personalizable and reconfigurable robotics, IBANK Private Information Bank and Trust, and SELDON Prediction Engine. Within IRI are two long-term future-directed STEM-focused business components :

[2] Oasis Clinic for Neurophysiological Wellness - a public program for evaluation, facilitation and management of patient/family-optimized medical care including wholistic-oriented therapies for neurological and psychological disorders.

[3] EcoVita - a public-access environment providing entertainment, education, and adventure/tourism offerings to visitors through a private park and facilities as well as internet-based offerings, with a combined focus upon personal and family experiences that cultivate and support health and wellness, through ecological and environmental lifestyles. Colocated within EcoVita is OASIS Clinic for Neurophysiological Wellness.