About the People in TETRAD Institute

We are organized with a Board of Directors, an executive management team, and then the collegiate membership of Fellows and Affiliates.

(Please excuse our brevity in this page, due to intense work demands which pertain to multiple projects and endeavors, especially now in 2020 with COVID, which is in fact at the hesart and center of our work right now.)

Board of Directors
Dr. Martin J. Dudziak, PhD

Rachael Csencsits, CPhil.

Daniel Helming, CPA/MBA

Eva Deli, PhD

  • Martin Joseph Dudziak, PhD
    Chairman of Board of Directors
    Institute Director


  • Rachael Csencsits, PhD (Cand.)
    Member of Board of Directors


  • Daniel Helming, CPA, MBA
    Member of Board of Directors


  • Research Fellows and Affiliates (partial list)
    [future issue of this page will include references and professional biographies]