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Thought-worlds of the days (a list to peruse and ponder)

"Fate of World" image courtesy of S.H.A.K.T.I. Warriors, one of the best and most logical paths to Saving This World

A List of Links

Interesting, Informative, Provocative Websites

Background and referential material relevant to
Institute, Foundation, Programs, Companies and the Center (Orbis)

Founder's Page Several writings and presentations by Dr. Martin Dudziak. Some are "dated" (older, changed-since) materials, but all have useful insights, perspectives, and resources for future works

Ecoaduna Foundation and especially MSP and real current-focus activity, mainly
Mosheim STEAM Program The MSP is a STEM+Art (S.T.E.A.M.) program designed for children and youths from ages 6+
(also there is the FB group page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/steampwr/ )
ecoaduna.instinnovstudy.org Main site for the Ecoaduna Foundation - aka Ecoaduna Matrix Program (EMP) - a major initiative and set of projects within the Institute (IIS)
academy.ecoaduna.org The Academy, a program with the Ecoaduna Matrix Program (Ecoad. Found.) of the Institute (IIS)
aletheia.ecoaduna.org Aletheia Press, the publishing arm of the Institute and part of its TEP component, also now active with the MSP
amerge.tdyn.org AMERGE Project, within the Ecoaduna Matrix Program (EMP), addressing social resilience and especially health stability and services in the event of a major Electromagnetic Pulse event (EMP of the other persuasion)
andalusia.ecoaduna.org The Andalusia Summit events and seminars - something that needs to be revised, updated, and implemented as a series now of events, summits, meetings, and in Eastern TN
arcs.tetradyn.com The Armstrong Renaissance Center for Success, a project initiative now absorbed within the EMP and working closely with other organizations such as Healthy Heroes and S.H.A.K.T.I. Warriors
/arsbio.ecoaduna.org Ars Bio, a fine arts project done in Latin America and Russia, and scheduled for a new generation in 2015-plus
uscc.tdyn.org United States Care Corps, a civilian service and resilience effort - this is sdomething to be folded-into and revamped within the context of the MSP
carpe.instinnovstudy.org Introduction to the CARPE Program: community Awareness, Resilience and Preparation for Emergencies - also a public health initiative that is being incorporated into MSP and other projects
sw.tdyn.org Relevant erspeciaslly to MSP, this provides an introduction to TetraDyn's close-friends partner, the S.H.A.K.T.I. Warriors and Super Heroes eudcational programs for children

Institute and Deep-Science Focus mainly
instinnovstudy.org Main site for the Institute for Innovative Study
instinnovstudy.org/VNT/ Resources and docs including background papers for the VNT Project - Vision Neurorestorative Therapy - and with this some of the other medical aspects of QBC - quantum biology and computing - within Institute for Innovative Study

Science seminars, workshops
tetradphys.instinnovstudy.org Quantum Relativity/Gravity focused seminar series, being sponsored by the Institute for Innovative Study
topobio.instinnovstudy.org Quantum Biology focused seminar series, being sponsored by the Institute for Innovative Study
psychesocio.instinnovstudy.org Psychesocioeconomic Denamics focused seminaar series, being sponsored by the Institute for Innovative Study
astrimoses.instinnovstudy.org Space Sciences and Planetary Defense focused seminar series, being sponsored by the Institute for Innovative Study

TETRAD Group and applied tech + business/commercialization focus mainly
qxc.tetradyn.com QxC Inc., a partner firm in the domain of Quantum Computing and related technologies
thera.tetradyn.com Introduction to TetraDyn's THERA hybrid hydrogen, solar and syn-fuel automobile design and engineering system
Telemed-focus with PODs - international projects including Indonesia - emergency and public health - part of TDYN
cqs.tdyn.org Introduction to TetraDyn's consultancy services in Content and Quality within the BioMed and Agricultural sectors
nomadeyes.tetradyn.com Introduction to TetraDyn's NomadEyes technology and products, now incorporated into the MagicApps and Orb portions of the overall CUBIT family
podlab.tetradyn.com Introduction to TetraDyn's CyberPod technology and products, all part of the overall CUBIT family

Related to this - see http://phpodfactory.tdyn.org about one implementation project - and the manufacturing of PODs can be done in TN

brainmountain.tdyn.org Introduction to the Brain Mountain joint venture and business consortium initiative
ibank.tetradyn.com Introduction to the iBank (data haven business) and Kerberos technology

Super-secure private banking but the securities and "currencies" are information, not conventional currency

Expert Witness and Subject Matter Expert Consulting - part of TDYN
sekofash.tetradyn.com FASHION-focus, an introduction to TetraDyn's CUBIT and CEBIT technology and products, all part of the overall CUBIT family

SPACE focus mainly
exo.tdyn.org Gateway to http://exoplancorp.com and http://exocapfund.com and everything to do with EXO (Exoplanetary sciences, reseasrch, development, and commercialization

introduction.tdyn.org This is an earlier (late 2013, early 2014) general intro to everything - Institute, Foundation, Companies
/instinnovstudy.org/matrix-ecoaduna MATRIX, an earlier version of some of the Ecoaduna projects, also involving CyberPods and specifically PodAtriums
ucarems.ecoaduna.org UCAREMS, a social and emergency/disaster relief focused program - everything here gets folded into mainly the MSP and other Ecoaduna projects
baghdadsaints.ecoaduna.org Baghdad Saints Hospital and Medical Center, an initiative begun and undertaken in Bghdad and Mosul, Iraq, and stopped due to the rise of ISIL (ISIL, DAIISH) and the New Iraq-Syria Regional War
20under20.tdyn.org Focusing on getting Young People into TTG, TDFYN, the Business side of things
brainterrain.tdyn.org Brain Terrain (aka The Brain Train) - precursor project now all folded-into the MSP
bccc.tdyn.org Proto-project initiative, also MSP-related, that was started in western Virginia (@ Harrisonburg, Shernandoah Valley)
planter.tetradyn.com PLANTER was a project initiated with a focus on Detroit, @ 2011-2012. Ideas from this, all into the Econaduna Foundation and the MSP.


THIS LIST IS GROWING as there are many additions to be made. In the meantime, just explore the main sites of the Institute, also its programs such as Ecoaduna Foundation (Ecoaduna Matrix Program), and the Company, The TETRAD Group (including TetraDyn Ltd., SenSelpha, KOIN, QxC, QiX, and EpiXaT)