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Concise Summary

This Program is geared for persons who are enrolled, or have graduated, or who intend and hope to enroll, in one of several colleges and universities. There are also opportuniies for students in high school.

The Program is open to anyone who qualifies on the basis of interest, abilities, educational levels, and references.

It is especially tailored to meet the interests and needs of African-American and Native/Indigenous American Peoples in USA. The Program aims to accommodate and adjust to special needs of all legitimate and appropriate types, including those pertaining to culture, way of life, and also the obvious factors of transportation, distance, family needs, and limitations due to extenuation circumstances (e.g., like the recent COVID-19 pandemic and lockdowns).

Almost everything in this set of opportunities can be done remotely from home or another location using computers and the internet. Sometimes it will be to meet with teacher, mentor or other interns and apprentices. Everything is designed to be flexible and to fit with schedules and demands of school, jobs and family life.

The main director and associates are experts in their respective fields - science, medicine, technology, business. Some will be in Arizona and New Mexico, some in New York state, some will be in distant locations. The Program aims to work closely with a number of established schools, colleges and universities, including those established by Tribal organizations, but the doors of the Program are open to all who are interested and qualified.

This Program is geared toward persons who are enrolled students at colleges and universities but there are possibilities to accommodate others who may be in more distant home-base locations and who are exceptionally interested and also talented and fitting with the needs and objectives of the Program and it sponsors.

Interns work with more guidance and less complication or technical demands. Apprentices are persons who have some basic experience in relevant areas, and there is more independence and more responsibility. Everything is focused upon learning and perfecting both methods and technique of doing some type of professional work but also gaining experience in what it means to be part of a professional team, often distance-based and working remotely, and with milestones, deadlines, and group interactions.

There is no guaranteed formal compensation for intern-level but apprentice-level positions will generally provide some stipend or salary. There are no costs or charges for the participating students.

The following table presents key points about the Program and its Opportunities. If interested from the standpoint of a participant or as a teacher or administrator in a high school, college or universitiy, simply contact us directly to learn more and have a constructive discussion.

Math, Computer Science, Internet
Mathematics - ranging from programming in MATLAB and Mathematica to statistics using R, SAS and other tools.

Software Engineering - design and coding in a variety of languages including Javascript, PHP, Python, Java, C++, Lisp. Some of this work can include working with very sophisticated machine learning and synthetic intelligence algorithms and software systems.

Web page design and coding (HTML, CSS, various CMS and Portal applications, Javascript, etc.)

Mobile App design and programming (similar tools and languages as above)

Medical Informatics
Searching for data online (papers, reports, and databases), using web search/extraction tools and through dialog with specialists and experts

Data acquisition, assimilation, correction and organization into databases

Critical review and analysis of data in order to circumvent errors including false information

Statistical analysis and production of charts, tables, graphs

Interviews (usually byu phone or internet chat) with physicians, nurses, scientists, and persons who may be volunteers in different studies (e.g., public health)

Book and Script Editing
Organizing, editing, making corrections, finding data for the author(s) - works of non-fiction and fiction

Assistance with scriptwriting for professional movie scripts and YouTube video lectures and talks. (Note: All fiction works are oriented to general audiences including families and children (i.e., no violence or sexual content in the media). Some of the works involve subject matters that include current world events and/or ancient history, as well as some scientific and technical topics.

CAD Design (Medical Devices)
Using a variety of CAD software to produce professional production-ready drawings and specifications for mechanical devices of different types including aids for assisted walking, and wearable sensors and other biomedical monitors. Visit to learn more.

Graphics and Creative Visual Art
Design and editing of digital media for use in business, science and creative fiction documents and media

Assistance in design and production of YouTube videos of a professional nature (lectures, talks, combinations of speech with Powerpoint presentations and other video materials. Most of the topics pertain to physics, biology, neuroscience, mathematics, medicine.

Technical writing and editing
Working closely with authors on formal papers, reports, and books of different STEM topics and some in the arts and humanities. Most of the topics pertain to physics, biology, neuroscience, mathematics, medicine.

Business and Financial Administration
Creative tasks involving a range of activities that can include:
  • Coordinating talks, lectures, meetings, symposia, conferences
  • Communicating with experts arond the world in different countries, sometimes as part of online meetings, soetimes to obtain information, sometimes to engage in public relations and media dissemination.
  • Assiting in preparation of financial forecastds and reports, media announcements, grant proposal development, scheduling of meetings
  • Other tasks connected with running an organization and doing effective marketing and public relations.

3D and Virtual Reality Environment and Gameplay Design
Using tools like Open Simulator, Open Street Map, Google Earth, and games like Roblox and Minecraft, designing rooms, buildings, streets, parks, and other spaces which are used in both games and other forms of interpersonal dialog and exchange.

This can include programming (coding) but a great part of these projects will consist of using easy graphical tools, so a big emphasis is on the artistic creativity of the person doing the work.

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