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Martin Joseph Dudziak, PhD
TETRAD Institute of Complex System Dynamics, Program Director and Principal Scientist

martinjoseph@tdyn.org, martin@intelrenaissance.com or martin.dudziak@gmail.com
+1 (231) 492-8301 (voice, sms, WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, Signal)
+1 (505) 926-1399 (alt-phone, messaging)
Skype (martindudziak)

Concise CV and Bio
Professional Bio (October 2022)

Compact curriculum vitae May 2023

Current and Recent Work in Progress
A New Model for Emergence of Order and Structure through Randomness, Chaos and Reflexive Topological Flow Dynamics (28.April.2019)

Quantum Computing in the context of non-local temporal order and transtemporal information transfer (October.2019)

Reflexive Dynamics and the foundations of a cybernetic interpretation for quantum and relativistic phenomena based upon stochastic perturbation, approximation and random fitting (March.2019)

Entropy and Negentropy Reflexively Implicitly Bound --- EPR=GR=QR (03.May.2019)

Rationale for the LIBRARIUM, a functional social-purposive compendium of practical S.T.E.A.M. knowledge and technologies for future restorative, regenerative applications, May.2019)

Project ASTRIC and Project TETHYS - coordinated uses of space-based resources for dual applications in terrestrial environmental forecasting and space-based operations of terraforming and asteroid operations, October.2019)

Reflexive Topological Dynamics and Emergence of Quantum and Macroscopic Invariance (book) (preprint, August.2019)

Emergent Order, Structure and Macroscopic Entanglement-Unity as a Path for Understanding Quantum Relativity (October.2019)

CQER and Bioelectromagnetic Methods in Medicine: An Integration of Theory with Clinical Practice (19.April.2019)

Topological Representation of System State Spaces and Geometric Mapping and Computation with Topological Information Resonance (January.2019)

A new approach to Ricci Flow in developing a topological ordering that implies internal teleology governing emergence of order and structure in complex systems including biological organisms (03.May.2019)

Foundational Psychosocioeconomic Dynamics (exploratory, new directions, May.2019)

CV + Summary Data
Curriculum Vitae (very detailed)
Full CV, physics-focus

Bio (brief)
Basic Professional Bio (2020)

Summations (3)
Specific medical and computer science work and achievements

Humanitarian, social and pro-bono activities (2021)

Security and defense work and achievements (2021)

Medical/HealthScience Resume (2015-2020)
Resume with focus on Medical Science and Public Health R&D

Resume (2 pages, 2019)
Resume with focus on STEM R&D and applications including Consultancy

Resume (condensed, 2019)
Resume with focus on STEM management & consultancy

General Letter of Introduction and Proposal (April.2019)

Selected Papers and Abstracts
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Emergence of Form and Structure from Randomness and Chaos abstract, April 2019

Reflexive Dynamics and foundations of a cybernetic interpretation of quantum and relativistic phenomena (abstract; paper for UQT-2018 conference)

NeoPlexus developing a heterogeneous computer architecture suitable for extreme complex systems (pre-print for conference paper)

NeoPlexus Program Introduction, Outline and Notes - version 0.99 draft 12dec17 (dynamic quantum potentials and topological resonance computing)

Topological Clustering as a method of Control for Certain Critical-Point Sensitive Systems (pre-print)

Control Criticality within High-Complexity and Low-Threshold Systems, and the Role of Topological Quantum Computing in such Solutions (pre-print)

Notes and work-in-progress - A Necessary Comprehensive Reformulation of Foundational Physics as a Prerequisite for Developing Sound and Practical Next-Generation Theories, Computers and "Starships"

Control and modeling of nuclear collective properties in dynamic state space structures (abstract)

Quantum Self-Organization Theory with Applications to Hydrodynamics and the Simultaneity of Local Chaos and Global Particle-like Behavior (publ. 1998)

"Order from Chaos" Formulation (Summary)(diagram)

Several papers and topics for team co-authoring consideration/offering (abstracts, 2018+)

How TOPOLOGICAL Condensation of Photons Could Make Possible Energy Extraction in Deep Space? (publ. 1998)

Identifying and Localizing Critical Points and Regions within High-Dimensional Complex and Catastrophic Systems through Dimensional Reduction (excerpts)

"Two abstract relating to homomorphic encryption protocols (HEP) and employment of quantum entanglement models(abstracts)

ATHOS operating environment for cooperative robotic networks (pre-print)

Multiscalar and multi-agent control systems (abstract)

Topological Condensation and Conversion of "Vapour Phase" Photons into Kinetic Energy (publ. 1998)

Eigen-sets of curvature measure as a technique for defining separability among adjoining regions of n-dimensional spaces (pre-publication notes)

Macroscopic applications of probability density models derived from classical quantum mechanics (abstract)

Quantum Dynamic Networks, Chaotic Solitons and Emergent Structures in Subcellular Processes: Possible Implications for Learning, Memory, and Cognition (publ. 1991)

Quantum networks in biomolecular systems (seminar, 2001)

Solitonic curvature sets applying general relativity principles to socioeconomic-political models (abstract)

Quantum topological dynamics (seminar, 2002)

Brains, Bots and Builders (publ. 2017)

Extreme Complex Systems, Uncertain and Uncooperative Robotic Networks, and Control Strategies based upon Stochastic Algorithms (publ. 2017)

Mutual information and Reasonable Likelihood Associative Reasoning (abstract)

New valuation principles for venture-capital and private equity.pdf (abstract)

Topological Solitonic Networks, Conservation of Curvature, and Virtual Qubits (abstract)

Tensegritons and Topological Solitonic Networks pertaining to Particle Emergence (abstract)

Topological BioDynamics the role of boundaries and surfaces in cellular signaling and control (abstract)

Principia Physis (abstract)

Management Principles That Really Work (seminar, 2009)

Outcomes and agendas for Productive Collaborative Meetings (seminar, 2010)

Design and Prototyping of Life Support and Agriculture for Extended Space Habitation and Travel (publ. 2014)

Technologies to support, enhance and protect social networking freedoms during periods of social unrest and political disruption (publ. 2011)

Quantum Computing and Synthetic Intelligence Requires a Biologically Based Fractal-Recursive Architecture (abstract)

NeoPlexus "Roadmap" from page 9 of the Introductory Document

Cues and Cubits as Paths to Education, Training and Discovery (30.May.2018)

EcoVita-AgroIntel Algorithms Functions Modules - technical working document (18.April.2018)

Mirnova "Ubuntu" Manifesto-29may18.pdf (29.May.2018)

Nous Technos Kyberos Kuros : a manifesto of fundamental principles of action (28.May.2018)

From Smart Farms to Quantum Computers and Back (10.June.2018)

ASTRIC Module System Design Workbook (notes, 2018)

ASTRIC Space Debris paper (abstract, 2019)

EcoVita "Garden of STEM" Presentation (14.march.2018)

Smart Farming (Intelligent Agriculture, AgroIntel, AgroBrains) Serving the Needs and Situations of Immigrants in the EU (13.april.2018)

The Quantum Space Complexity Manifesto (10.june.2018)

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