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These are people, networks and organizations (both formal and informal) focused principally upon doing positrive, rational, constructive things for People and for our society as one human race living on Earth with many other races and species of living beings. Some of their work and accomplishments is absolutely remarkable, in our view, and particularly in terms of the social dimensions and the long-term future implications.

This is not a list of "STEM" research centers and researchers, although there are scientists, engineers, and other "STEM" folk involved in these entities. (For that you can explore our other sites connected with the TETRAD Institute and find other partners and remarkable places we think you should know about).

Follow the links here and learn what these people and organizations are doing. Some things are upcoming events such as conferences, seminars and workshops. There are activities and opportunities that may interest you and help you, and without direct connection to our organizations and works. Just please remember that you learned about things through us, so let them know, too, and as you review our work, and that of people such as those here, think a lot about

collaboration synergy cooperation symbiosis community
and how we can do bigger and better things for our world by working together rather than apart. We All nweed to practice "coadunatio" - the logical coming-tgether of people, skills, knowledges, energies, to accomplish good work and to yield productive harvests, in all our disciplines and vocations.

Svalbard Global Seed Vault
Safeguarding the world's seeds (and the knowledge of how to use them wisely) for the future

Project Gutenberg
Digital preservation of cultural works, with a mission to "encourage the creation and distribution of eBooks"

Synchrotron-Light for Experimental Science and Applications in the Middle East - bringing together scientists and students from diverse and often in-conflict nations and cultures

Nikolka Foundation
Direct educational and practical assistance to underprivileged, disadvantaged, disabled, abused children. Assistance to orphanages and boarding schools, restoration of churches. Special programs for children including master classes in arts, crafts, STEM. Learn more:
Charitable Foundation Nikolka
Google Translation into English

Commons Transition
{from their website}
Working towards transition to a world where communities equitably, fairly and collectively manage our own resources – co-creating caring economies that work for all. The Commons is a system based on the practices and needs of civil society and the environment it inhabits at the local, regional, national and global levels. Its projects emphasize:
  • Free: open, shareable, and with equitable access;
  • Fair: just distribution for participating commoners and in social solidarity with all humankind;
  • Alive and engaged with nature: acknowledging our integral role as responsible stewards and restorers

P2P Foundation
{from their website}
P2P is an abbreviation of “peer to peer”, sometimes also described as “person to person” or “people to people”. The essence of P2P is this direct relationship, and its core characteristics include:
  • Creation of common goods through open, participatory production and governance processes
  • Universal access guaranteed through licenses such as Creative Commons, GPL, Peer Production Licence.
P2P is a process or dynamic that can be found in many communities and movements self-organising around the co-creation of culture and knowledge. Well known general examples include the free/open source software movement; free culture; open hardware; and open access in education and science.

Instituto Nacional de Biodiversidad
Intelligent uses of our biodiversities for practical and healthy applications without destruction of our natural environments and with cultivation of sound sustainability practices

Istituzione Leonardo Da Vinci
Education for Youth in the Sciences with a foundation on social responsibility

The Evergreen Experience
Green care gardening and farming for memory-loss and AD individuals

A Few Highly Recommended Books and Films

  • 2052: A Global Forecast for the Next Forty Years --- Jorgen Randers

  • Treatise on Tolerance --- Voltaire

  • Common Sense --- Thomas Paine

  • The Wealth of Nations --- Adam Smith

  • Our Planet --- the series of documentaries (David Attenborough)

  • Climate Change - The Facts --- documentary narrated by David Attenborough

  • City 40 --- documentary about one of the worst cover-ups of radiation pollution on Earth

  • Blue Mind --- Wallace Nichols

  • Clear, Cold and Deadly --- Mel Visser

  • The Long Emergency --- James Kunstler

  • Commons Transition: Policy Proposals for an Open Knowledge Society --- Michel Bauwens, John Restakis and George Dafermos

  • The Scientific Method: An Evolution of Thinking from Darwin to Dewey Book --- Henry M. Cowles

  • A History of Freedom of Thought --- J. B. Bury, H. J. Blackham

  • Two Treatises of Government --- John Locke

  • The Social Contract --- Jean-Jacques Rousseau

  • Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed --- Jared Diamond

  • The Great Unraveling --- Paul Krugman

  • The Price of Inequality: How Today's Divided Society Endangers Our Future --- Joseph Stiglitz

  • Why Nations Fail --- Daron Acemoglu and James Robinson

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