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This is our current Planning List. This is what we are doing, focused upon

The New Complete Integrated Home-Base for Operations and Projects in Buffalo, New York
Here are listed some things we need assistance with, a full spectrum of basic things. Perhaps You will help directly, or perhaps you know someone or some organization that can assist.

Please note carefully: This is not about building an "elite organization" with a "comfortable office, nice new everything, and a big management infrastructure. This is ALL about having the proper means to do Work that Delivers - projects that serve our society: People who have been abused, hurt, wounded, damaged, especially in hearts and minds, by war, by abuse, by hatred, by divisiveness in our society, by confusion and lack of love and compassion. This is all about concrete, focused, practical Research and Applications that is directed at a Better Future, a Survivable and sustainable and Worthwhile Future, for the Human Race and all LIFE.

This is about far more than what you have seen on the several pages of our websites. Please real-ize what is the state of our society and our world, and join in to Do something worthwhile for Our Collective Future. Here are a few simple ways that You can help us to help us All.
Thank you sincerely for your attention and assistance.
--- Dr. D and Friends

Land + Building (or equivalent)

To purchase or lease long-term
An appropriate place in the City of Buffalo, New York.
Residence + office + meeting space - the basics for TETRAD Institute and its projects, and the affiliated Foundation and Companies.
Minimum 1500 ft2 total indoor space (we can start with less)
High-speed broadband internet critical (many services will be provided online)
Convenient public access

Library + Art Gallery

TETRAD Institute Library + Art Gallery - permanent location
Preferably connected with (onsite at) a university, college or school or such location within Buffalo, NY
Convenient public access
Minimum @ 1500 ft2 indoor space, weatherized (we can start with less)

High-speed broadband internet critical

Visit the sitemap for previews and more info.

Interns, Apprentices, Volunteers, Employees

We welcome and we need many types of bright energetic persons! If you have a heart and a brain, and the desire to help us in the things we are doing, then you can fit in! No age limits, no issues about disabilities or having had "degrees"!

See detailed descriptions at Sitemap-Table

Longer-term Development

We wish to establish as part of our =future permanent home-base in Buffalo, a "model home" (office) incorporating sustainable and renewable forms of energy and demonstrating eco-intelligent agriculture and land management. These structures will be incorporated into not only what we do but they will become available, as inspirations and guides, for many many others! Our designs incorporate natural materials and also energy-intelligent FRP - fiberglass reinforced polymers. For structrural walls and more! Our "nPod" architecture is applicable to any environnment on Planet Earth - and yes even Beyond. We designed reverything on purpose this way!

The Benefit CONCERTS

Volunteers needed Now to help in organizing these events, in Buffalo, and later, far to the East in Kyiv, Ukraine. We begin in Buffalo. We have the interest by several outstanding world-class instrumentalists and orchestra groups.

These concerts are more than fundraisers. They are attention-makers, attractors, and they will raise the energies in people's minds for what we are doing, which is not just about these particular things you read about, but about the spirit and power in the People, in YOU, for Better Ways to Live, with genuine Love, Meaning and Fulfillment.

We need people like You to help with call, orgsanizing the whole set of events.

Visit the sitemap for more info.

STEM Education Events for Youth and Adults

We aim to set up informal, casual events that focus on physics, astronomy (we have a very good 12" Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope!), biology, health sciences, and computer science (programming, coding).

The geo-social focus is upon any and all persons who can attend, onsite and online, and the physical location will be determined by the location of the Institute. All these activities will be taking place - both onsite and online - in Western New York, initially and principally.

Visit the sitemap for more info.

(once again) Volunteers!

People to help, online and remotely, and onsite, physically.

Activities with internet, phone, connection-making, grant-writing, graphics, making videos, and also "on-the-ground" - wherever it makes sense to do so.

Help us to Deliver Good with All we are engaged in doing!


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