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This page has been designed to enable you, the visitor, to explore one or several things that interest You, and to consider how You and Yours may interact with one or more components of our work, potentially, as collaborator, partner, client, sponsor, supporter (all possible in multiple ways and means), and certainly as Friend.

Everything here is actually very carefully, logically, and precisely integrated and coordinated, as activities, focal projects, long-term permanent Projects and encompassing Programs of study, research, and application, including both commercialization and philanthropy. This is because we have followed and developed, from the very outset, with personal attention and intention), a perspective and a practice of adhering to an "organic" viewpoint about science and technology, a viewpoint of wholeness, synthesis, and symbiosis.

Following this "classical" approach, each component (in this case, each of our projects) serves multiple functions and purposes. We aspire that this will be the case within social and economic spheres as well as within the theoretical and practical domains.

Note that we are active worldwide through our network of People, we are physically most present in USA and Europe, but now also in Central and South America and in Africa. Principal centers of activity are based in the United States of America and Europe, with primary offices and centers in California, Michigan, and New York.

Mirnova Foundation

Philanthropy, Education, Scholarship

Catalyzing and Empowering Creativity and Innovation and Giving Opportunity to those who had much taken away from them in life. The Foiundation is an outgrowth of TETRAD Institute, Intelligence Renaissance Industries, and several persons directly involved in these and other organizations and professional, social, personal circles.

It is a Response-ability to Give More than we Receive.


TETRAD Institute

Fundamental, theoretical research

Physics, mathematics, biology, socioeconomics, computation - discovering answers that give more than abstract, elegant theories - models of our universe which enable better understanding of how everything connects and how we can benefit in our lives. The Institute is the driving force, the parent, the coordinator, for virtually all that you see here on this page, including derviative business and philanthropy.

On the main website, you can learn about the history, the people, and the activities - 8 permanent Programs with 12 permanent Projects, and sprecific focal activities that are connected with multiple "STEM" disciplines as well as our communities and global, unitary society.

It is a Response-ability for Science to Serve Humanity and All Life.

Organizational Maps


Intelligence Renaissance Industries

Social Intelligence Technologies
Health, Wellness, Comfort, Safety

IRI produces a suite of products and services employing intelligent, distributed technologies, serving people's health, wellness, fitness, comfort and safety at home and every-any-where.

The business focuses upon new forms and methods of social communication (including new approaches to gaming and other forms of "educating through entertaining") through the internet, intelligent devices and networks serving people and organizations at home, school or office, in travel, and elsewhere ("IoT and AIoT"), and a range of health-oriented informatics and data science resources for use by individuals, providers, and industry.

These products derive from R&D and acquisitions that range from the work of TETRAD Institute over the years to many academic, corporate, and individual/group inventors and developers. There are several other products in development, some of which pertain to the same application areas and also for uses within the communities of the fine arts and space exploration.

Are you Ready to Play our New "Win-Win" Game? Welcome!

Organizational Maps


More than just Asteroids

Astro-Terrestrial Remote
Interaction and Control
Asteroid Reconaissance
Intervention and Control

This is a Project within TETRAD Institute and it is not only about "Space" and "Future, Far-Off". The real work goin on in this research is about control, coordination, and what "AI" once used to be called - "cybernetics". We are studying things like the human-machine integrated operation of groups of multiple types of robots, some of which can repair themselves and exchange components, as necessary, even millions of kilometers from Earth...

This is exciting, and necessary, now more than ever, as our entire World - physical, social, in every respect - is going through some very rapid, intense and often unpredictable changes. The work of the ASTRIC Project pertains as much to hurricanes and new climate patterns, and pandemics, and social disruption, as to asteroids and meteors...

Team Up and Build ASTRIC

Neuroplex ("NpC")


Dysautonomia, Arrhythmia, and related neuromuscular disorders.
Causes, Diagnoses, Therapeutics.

Interactions and dependencies among these dysfunctions, with imflammation due to multiple chornic 'stressors" at the root, in the molecular biology, particularly within intracellular functions involving microtubules, actin, intracellular filaments, lysosomes, mitochondria. Cellular dynamics, topology, motility, and internal fluidics.

This is the focal project work within the primary, permanent Project that has evolved within TETRAD Institute in the biological domains of complex system processes that we study as "Topological Biomolecular Dynamics", and specifically Biomolecular Communical and Control (BMCC Project). It has evolved from theoretical and foundational research (Autonomic Neurophysiological Control and Electrochemical Stress - ANCES) into research now examining how we can develop and improve upon both diagnostics and therapeutics for a number of critical and growing disorders and diseases, including POTS, CFE, AFIB, and PASC ("Long COVID"), just to mention a few.


Tethys & EMME

Earth's GREAT Freshwaters

Environment and Climate Change
Our Fresh Water as the Barometer of Planet Earth
Chemicals, Microbes, Vectors, Pests, Pathogens, Pandemics

The focus of this research, another Project within TETRAD Institute, is now strongly and squarely directed to what we describe as EMME - Environmental Monitoring of Species Migration & Mutation to Minimize Zoonotic Disease Epidemics.

An international, multi-disciplinary team is now working to develop new and better forms of data acquisition and analysis, and human-machine assisted interpretation and decidion-making, to reduce the likelihoods and impacts of new diseases that can be similar or far worse than COVID-19 in effects upon both the human population and our agriculture. This is going on now and spanning from USA to Tanzania. EMMEnet will soon be a resource tool that literally is handheld and something for "everyone's mobile".

A Barometer for our Future Lives
EMME and EMMEnet

"TERRA" - The Oasis World

The Social Community People WANT

The Next generation - Ready for ALL People
Communicate + COllaborate + Meet & Make + Educate + Entertain & Play + Trade & Earn

This core technology grows out of the topological biology and neuroscience foundations. Here is how all that theory can be applied to improving our society and our social communications.

Terra, the Oasis-World, implements the OASIS - the open architecture for social intelligence synthesis. Terra serves health, wellness, pleasure and wealth. Terra also enables the improved way to gather truly useful data - personal but anonymous - pertaining to health and welfare, and this goes directly into knowledge-engines that produce very useful outputs such as PHIBER (read about it here, too!).

You - Humanity - are well-come to join Now.

PREVIEW - but much more is in this!

IntAgros - Smart Farm Control


Irrigation, Fertilizer and Pest Control, Power Generation, Intelligence into and from the Garden and Field

This core technology integrates trainable, self-learning intelligent control with water flow for irrgation, delivery of fertilizers and pesticides, monitoring of crop variety and health, weed abatement, and in-the-field power generation.

Each unit, one of any number in an expandible network, runs off any power source and generates storable, shareable electricity - grid, battery, solar, wind, hydro, fuel cell capable.

Each unit serves as a node in an open-ended network computing array that can provide shareable local wi-fi connectivity and computing power across the internet.

More Coming Soon...



Population Health Informatics Biomedical Equity Resource - solving disparities and inequalities, finding roots and unseen causes, creating solutions earlier, serving More people. An integral component for NpC diagnostic and therapeutic development, and IRI products, and an independent resource in its own rights.

Delivered and managed by IRI, through its OHI Division.

PHIBER Data Science
Oasis Health Intelligence - within IRI

Library & Gallery

TETRAD Institute Library and Gallery

3,000+ rare and unique volumes - arts, sciences, humanities
Some are one-of-a-kind, some the last-in-print, some once believed to have been lost
A very unique, beautiful and meaningful art collection
Carefully collected and produced over the past century

Interactive and accessible to the World - onsite (Provence-Alpes-Côte-D'Azur, France) and online.

Cultivating Unity In Diversity

Gallery Portfolio


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Abuse, Trafficking, Subjugation

Addressing and Dissolving the HATES -
Hate Abuse Trafficking Enslavement Subjugation

The #1 Social Problem that is an Insideous Deadly Pandemic

ATS is a focus area that engages several Programs and Projects within TETRAD Institute, and it also is central within the work of Intelligence Renaissance Industries and Mirnova Foundation. HATES pandemic in our society.

If we cannot solve these problems as a Human Family, then all our elegant and brilliant theories are somehow missing the fundamental point and can certaimly become irrelevant. Think about the Future!.

Perhaps this should be a movie:
A Film to Raise Attention and Create Action (?!) "Y Not?"


Join the Team

Employment and Management
Truly Exciting Opportunities at Many Levels.

These opportunities include working together on some of the projects described above and below here.

Work with Us


Martin Dudziak ("Dr. D")

Philosopher, scientist, educator, pioneer.
(atually a down-to-earth (r)evolutionary...)

CV & more details

Internships & Apprenticeships

Many Levels & Interests

Opportunities to Learn and Work Together
on a Diversity of Exciting Projects (K-12 + beyond).

These opportunities include working together on some of the projects described above and below here.

Learn with Us
Grow with Us


Opportunities for joint venture and consortium teaming in STEM, medical and social technologies abd business development. Technology transfer, entrepreneurial collaboration, building a real Future together.

These opportunities include working together on some of the projects described above and below here.


Actually quite important, this is what makes a lot of the stuff above Work...

Topological Biomolecular Dynamics

From the fundamental physics comes this - molecules... very simple ones... but they inherently want to meet and dance and mate... the result is macromolecules, and complexity, and nonlinearity, and knots, twists, pretzels and topological contoritions and new conformations which spell L-I-F-E Itself, first and foremost, right from the get-go in the first order of things...

Worth loving and respecting, huh?


This is the heart of the matter, literally... the quantum relativity physics...

Reflexive Topological Dynamics

Sounds tough. Is. Still is. Ways to go still, a long ways. But finally it all really does come together because it was never separate in the first place. Quantum mechanics. General relativity. Topology with 4D space plus time as the ticking clock. Fun stuff, really. Important, very! Opens the doors to lotsa lotsa things. Clean pure energy. Living and voyaging in space, to other worlds. amazing potentials, right now in or grasp. Oh... that depends. Assuming we do not commit racial suicide first... That's Why I and a few are so die-hard devoted to doing the Above things for Humans, to get some Real Change in this world going...

Actually quite important, this is what makes a lot of the stuff above Work...

Topological Neurocybernetic Dynamics

Thoughts as topological contortions in massive waves of neurons dancing. How we construct each image, each feeling, each thought, from a sea of what we have been living. Talk about the ultimate connectivity - We Are It. and that has implications. Cool things like a different kind of "quantum computer" altogether, that is based upon biology and works like viruses -- because viruses do quantrum computing... And scary things, like why so many of our brautiful minds degrade and degenerate into abuse, hate, and the horrible things we do to oursleves and those closest to us. We CAN change all this, we Really Can. See the things Above here. Help Us to Help All of Us Together.

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