ARC Consultancy
Executive, Management, Technical, Interpersonal Services

provided by
Dr. Martin Joseph Dudziak and Associates

The ARC Consultancy provides strategic executive leadership and management services to organizations in critical-impact matters of identity, individuation, integration and the process of formulation, redefinition and attainment of purpose, mission, and goals.

ARC delivers objective scientific analysis and procedures for implementing methods and practices for individuals, groups and organizations to sustain and succeed.

ARC applies scientific principles and methods derived from logics, economics, physics, medicine, psychology, and the arts and humanities, enabling successful and fruitful decision, resolution and action, within environments of complexity, uncertainty and risk.

I. What We Do

II. Clientele

III. Case Histories

IV. Beyond STEM - Special Counsel

V. Terms

VI. Technical Specs

VII. Education & Youth

VIII. Background

IX. Contact

[I] Strategy Development, Critical Analysis,
     Plan Implementation, Evaluation, Completion

  • Science and Technology Disciplines ("STEM")
    • Physical and Biological Sciences
      (additional specifics below)

    • Computer and Information Sciences
      (additional specifics below)

    • Medicine and Public Health
      (additional specifics below)

    • STEM Staff Resources
      (additional specifics below)

  • Organization and Project Management (Planning, Assessment, Execution)

  • Negotiation (Evaluation, Acquisition, Tech Transfer, Joint Venture, Reorganization)

  • Project Design, Initiation, Review, Continuation and Transfer

  • International Program and Project Coordination
    (additional specifics below)

  • Expert Witness Services - civil and criminal cases
    (additional specifics below)

  • Futures Modeling and Analysis
    • "Black Swan" Impact Planning
    • Non-Linearity and Catastrophe Resilience
    • Outlier Competition Factors and Response
    • FDA, EPA and other regulatory impacts
    • Clinical Experiment/Trial issues
    • Litigation Avoidance Planning
    • Business Forensics and Investigations
    • Order, Discipline and Reorganization

  • Social and market-imposed non-linearities and uncertainties
    • New offerings and competition, new "STEM" and tech-competition
    • Energy, evironmental, climate and agricultural issues
    • Public health and security challenges, especially those connected with social and international unrest, instability and conflict
    • Unexpected economic disturbances and non-linearities
    • Internal discord and strife due to conflicts arising from chronic stress, agitation, tension
    • Issues relating to ethnic, racial, gender, lifestyle, and international/multicultural challenges

[II] Extensive Client and Reference Information Available

Clientele includes (partial list):
  • USA federal government agencies (CDC, Defense, nergy, DHS, EPA, FDA, NASA, NIH, NIST, State)

  • International public agencies (EEA, ESA, UN (IAEA, UNICEF, WHO), several federal/national security and defense agencies within UK, EU, IL)

  • Airbus, Air Liquide, Anthem, ARA, BASF, Baker Donelson, Battelle, Bayer, BHP, Blue Eye Robotics, BMW, Boehringer-Ingelheim, Boeing, BP, Brinks, Cargill, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, Epic, Exxon-Mobil, Federal Reserve Bank, Frankfurt-am-Main Airport, General Atomic, General Dynamics, Giesecke-Devriant, Glencore PLC, Hospital Corp. of America, Hunton Williams, IFC, I-Robot, K-Line, Lockheed-Martin, McGuire Woods, Mercedes-Benz, MITRE, Novartis, Oberthur, Parrot, Parvus Int'l, Rand, Rio Tinto, SAIC (Leidos), Sentara, Shell, Solutia, Spiez Laboratory, Tenet, Thomas de la Rue, Total, UBS, White & Cross, Xerox

  • Multiple universities and schools (USA, UK, EU, UA, RU) in teaching, dissertation committees, joint research and consortium development and participation, technology transfer management

[III] Case Histories (details available with initial consultation)

Examples (very partial list):
  • Tech transfer from TS/SCI defense programs into commercial applications and companies
    • Autonomous land, air and undersea robot vehicles, geolocation, obstacle avoidance, retrieval
    • Chemical, biological and radiation sensors and systems
    • Text analysis and diagrammatic inferencing
  • Establishnment of academic STEM incubators (Virginia, Costa Rica, Russia)
  • Intellectual property and patent litigation
  • Magneto-optic sensor technology for use in anti-counterfeiting, art theft detection, and structural steel defects (bridges and aircraft)
  • Detection and retrieval of radioactive materials seized by terrorist operatives for planned use in dirty-bomb terrorism
  • Detection of munitions and explosives possessed by terrorist operatives for intended use against civilian targets
  • Analysis and modeling of operations and locations of criminals
  • PCR and immunoassay detection of bacterial and viral pathogens including H1N1, SARS-1, MERSA and norovirus
  • Antimicrobial bioprotection treatment of buildings and device surfaces
  • Anti-counterfeiting of credit and secure access cards
  • Hydrogen-fuel vehicles and fuel storage technology
  • Improvements in GC/MS, FLIR and related analytical chemistry within the petrochem industry
  • Forensics audit and methodology review for processing of patient and subject-of-interest data in criminal investigations
  • Review of new methodologies for improvement in accuracy of geo-exploration data and new exploration planning
  • Technology selection, prototyping and experimental evaluation of anti-piracy technologies for large trans-oceanic ships
  • Data collection, assessment and presentation of foreign CBRNE approaches, technologies, operations, and vulnerabilities
  • UAV (drones) and ground-based robotic sensors for smart farming and agricultural planning
  • Critical assessment of quantrum computing algorithms and device (chip) designs
  • Visual and "AI" methods for therapeutics in traumatic brain injury and stroke
  • Weaknesses and strengths of alternative encyrption methods including cryptocurrency within banking networks
  • Comparative studies and reviews for technologies pertinent to automotive and pharmaceutical industry manufacturing
  • Critical analyses of innovative bioelectromagnetic diagnostic and therapeutic instrumentation
  • Preparation of RFQ and RFP documents including BAA and SBIR types
  • Review and recommendations of submitted proposals to BAA, SBIR and comparable RFPs

IV. Beyond STEM - Special Counsel

Dr. Dudziak provides service as a Private Counsellor with a breadth of expertise and focus for individuals, families, corporations and other orgaqnizations, with attention to refining goals and attaining objectives in new acquisitions and ventures including residential and income real estate, fine arts, business, investment and other ventures.
Dr. D - Private Counsellor

[V] Contract Terms

  • Task-Variable Rates (Hourly, Per Diem and Fixed Contract terms)
    • Minimum 1 business day (negotiable based upon project and duration)
    • 45-minutes free initial consultation
    • All projects require Contract and Retainer prior to commencement of work
    • Expert Witness Services include travel time at 50% of standard hourly rates

  • Travel Expenses
    Comprehensive @ 100%

  • Subcontracting Services
    (e.g., Specialty Assistants, Equipment, Facilities, Laboratory Services, Translation/Interpretation): Costs + Fees

  • Equity and Revenue Sharing Plans
    (select services in new business development, site selection and relocation, real estate and contractor selection, venture counsel and negotiation): Fees + Equity/Futures Contract

[VI] Additional Technical Area Specifics

  • Science and Technology Disciplines ("STEM")
    • Physical and Biological Sciences
      • Experts in multiple specializations of research, teaching and development within fundamental physics, condensed matter, turbulence, tribology, computatrionbal physics, quantum computing, nanomaterials, and within molecular biology, cellular biology, virology, epidemiology, neuro-autoimmune and inflammatory disorders and diseases.
      • Multi-lingual capabilities

    • Computer and Information Sciences
      • Experts in multiple specializations of research, teaching and development within software archiecture, modeling and design parallel processing, artificial/synthetic intelligence, machine learning, pattern recognition, signal processing, cryptanalysis, social media design. data acquisition and informatics.
      • Multi-lingual capabilities

    • Medicine and Public Health
      • Experts in multiple specializations of research, teaching and clinical methods spanning select areas of neuroscience, cardiology, autimmune disorders and diseases, infectious disease, epidemiology, population health informatics, population health disparities, screening and tracing, public health information planning and delivery.
      • Multi-lingual capabilities

    • STEM Staff Resources
      • Planning needs and competitive positions, identification and evaluation of candidates, technical validation and review, acculturation and team planning.
      • Multi-lingual and multi-cultural capabilities

  • International Program and Project Coordination
    • Development from initial idea-stages through full execution with direct management and/or oversight. Specialty areas include Europe (all), Middle East, Asia-Pac, Central and South America, spanning STEM areas including entrepreneurial ventures, incubators, accelerators, joint ventures.
    • Multi-lingual and multi-cultural capabilities

  • Expert Witness Services - Civil and Criminal Law
    • Expertise and trial experience in USA and EU litigation spanning intellectual properties, patent issues, technology transfer, licensing, competitive inventions, and in criminal areas involving multiple aspects of forensic sciences.
    • Multi-lingual and multi-cultural capabilities

[VII] Commitment to Education and Youth - Special Programs

  • "STEM" and "STEAM" Lectures, Classes, Special Sessions
    • Schools - Middle, High, University levels

    • Multiple Themes and Topics

    • Focus upon Disadvantaged Youth

    • Reduced Rates, Grant Assistance, special-case Pro-Bono Arrangements

  • "STEAM Works" - a permanent focal area of activity within the Mirnova Project, within TETRAD Institute of Complex System Dynamics, offering special media creations for and with youth in STEM topics integrated with the arts and humanities including history and the study of accuracy in cultural and ethnographic origins of discoveries and innovations

  • Support of Mirnova Foundation, a philanthropic activity within TETRAD Institute, dedicated to sponsoring scholarships and special events for youths and groups of promise, diversity and disadsvantaged life circumstances

[VIII] Background on Prof. Dr. Martin Dudziak

[IX] Contact:

+1 (231) 492-8301 ------ (505) 926-1399

Dr. D - Counsellor

Unique and Extraordinary

Arts, Antiquities, Adventures
Search, Acquisition, Authentication, Design, Provisioning

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