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Gaia Oasis is a paradigm for cultivation of health and wellness. As implemented within the BEAT, this model is based upon Teamwork and personal interactions between client and practitioner. As a Team, we operate as practitioners within complementary areas of concentration and specialization within the psychological and medical disciplines. We provide an integrated, personalized psychological and medical practice, working with individuals and groups, both onsite and online.

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An Introduction to the Gaia Oasis Model within the BEAT Center

The BEAT embodies a center of practice that applies scientific and humanist understanding for enabling neurophysiological wellness. The Gaia Oasis model is a philosophy and a set of practices, completely grounded in scientific method, theory, experiment and practice.

The methodologies and practices have been refoined and in some cases discovered and founded by Professor Martin Dudziak, drawing upon lifelong research and practice in the sciences including within the medical and psychological fields, and cultivation of a team of expertise in different ands complementary disciplines.

The Gaia Oasis Model and the practices within the BEAT grow out of the work of TETRAD Institute of Complex System Dynamics, a research and education institute, and Intelligence Renaissance Industries, a company specializing in medical and health-related technologies. The resulting synergy brings together the results of research spanning the physical, biological and informational sciences and applications involving social communications and media, personal and occupational assistance technologies, and synthetic intelligence in areas of medicine and healthcare. The BEAT center provides an integrative set of therapeutics, education, training, and arts-empowered discovery and creative expression to individuals, families and groups who are challenged by the stresses, inbalances, and traumas of living in our times where non-linear and often extreme dynamics and unpredictable changes is more the order of things rather than the exception.

The focus of the Gaia Oasis Model is upon a class of medical and psychological conditions that are significant within the present population and that are growing at an accelerating pace and with notable increase of severity and disruption of personal and social lives. This comprises a group of closely-inter-related and often interdependent disorders and diseases characterized by neurological, cardiovascular, autoimmune and inflammatory symptoms, wherein among the etiological factors and the framework for both diagnosis and therapy are the chronic and sustained presence of neurobiological stressors of different electrochemical and psychosocial origins. We place emphasis upon the psychosocial factors of everyday life including sustained and chronic stress, tension, and abuse, both explicit and implicit, in which people are subjected and affected with consequences of deeper neurophysiological consequence of the types found in multiple neurological, cardiovascular, gastrintestinal and other systemic disorders, syndromes, and diseases.

In our work, we begin with and emphasize the fundamental importance of dialog and dialectic. This involves personal sessions (both onsite and online) involving what we refer to as "primat and mentat" - in the usual vernacular, client/patient and analyst/therapist. We work deeply and carefully with knowledge resources that span the historical and wholistic system development in psychology and medicine, including methods derived from well-established schools and practices such as depth psychology and the traditions developed by Jungian scholars and practitioners, as well as traditional approaches derived from long-standing cultures in China, India, and among Native Peoples. We employ extensive use of archetypal, mythic, and social meme factors that are active in life from early childhood through full adulthood, often unconscious and unobserved, and very often involving social forces that include impactors from contemporary high-paced life that are new to present generations and including forces from media, technology, and wide-scale events such as pandemic health crises.

We employ extensively the integrative philosophy of mind-body wholeness and individual-social-completeness. This foundation brings in all relevant and experientially-validated methods of well-established science including medical and psychological technologies involving applicable bioelectromagnetic, photobiomodulation, acoustic, ultrasonic, meditative and, where appropriate and advised, prescribed pharmaceutical treatments. This approzch also incorporates the latest discoveries and advances in physics and biology including the role of quantum biology and phenomena heretofore believed to be not present and active in biology and psychology, including processes known as quantum superposition and topological orders. Furthermore we incorporate from the fields of depth psychology, anthropology, archaeology and history such resources as myth, legend, vision, and archetypal experiences.

As a center ("The BEAT") we are a group of individuals with specialized and comprehensive training, skills and methods. We emphasize the dialog, the dialectic, the communication, and the processes within individuals and groups that involve communication, interaction, lifestyle habits and disciplines. We work with an extended team of medical and psychiatric professionals for all aspects pertinent to specific issues and treatments where such precise specialization is advisable and may be required. We work with qualified caregivers in all aspects of personal and family interaction including short-term and long-term care.

Gaia Oasis is the dynamic and conserved "angular momentum" within a wheel with many spokes that lead to precision and individualized attention for every client and family. At the BEAT we work extensively with personal and social past including ancestry both personal and archetypal, all with a mind toward a Future that is characterized as welcoming, fulfilling, enriching and satisfying.

Main points include:

Mentat Team

Providing direct analytical therapeutic interactions

Advisors, Consultants and Mentors

Advisors to the Mentat Team

We are fortunate to have an established community and network of professionals within the scientific and medical research and clinical practice communities with whom we have a history of engagement and learning for years and decades. Their contributions, from their independent research and clinical work, and in some cases including collaborations, span across the spectrum research, application development and clinical practices. We draw upon their work and expertise in different fields that all contribute to what the Gaia Oasis Model is and provides through the BEAT Center. From time to time some of these esteemed persons assist our team in consultancy and advisory rolesm but in all cases we give credit to them and their work, independent and with no formal connection to ours now, for the value they have brought and bring to science and medicine. Reference and bibliography pages forthcoming soon.


Analysis, Discovery, Synthesis, Integration leading to deeper wholeness and wellness

We work principally through direct dialog and employ a variety of communication methods, with emphasis on cycles of introduction, query, reflection, response, and analysis between client ("primat") and analyst ("mentat"). There is extensive use of physical media including sound and image. We work deeply with archetypal patterns, memories, dreams, improvisations and cponscious imagination. There are assignments of tasks and exercises, frequently involving writing, drawing, and other compositional forms of expression, that are performed and completed by the client within the intervals between direct sessions.

When indicated and accepted, there are referrals for therapeutic exercises and treatments with partner provider specialists for such methods as may include bioelectromagnetic therapy, transcranial magnetic stimulation, acupuncture/acupressure, photobiomodulation, meditation/mindfulness practices, physical fitness exercise, and a variety of medical specialties including orthopedic, neuromuscular, cardiovascular, gatrointestinal and specific psychological and/or psychiatric consultations.

Identity and Lifestyle

Personal expression of identity including sexuality and lifestyle is important in all aspects of health and wellness. This domain of creative human behavior and blockages therein is linked to the root causes of many of the neuro-cardio-autoimmune-inflammatory disorders (the "Neuroplex" space) and also to manifestations of abuse, including those involving harmful and addictive substances, and violence to self and others. In our work we place strong openness and attention to identity including sexuality and we underscore the importance of receptivity and acceptance of all diversity and the rich fields of creative imagination, dream and fantasy as expression.

We view diversity as both natural and essential for human development within individuals, societies, and for the species as a whole, looking forward to the Future. In our work we see how blockages, inhibitions, and fears within individuals and the social community regarding emotional and sexual expression are among the critical causes and sustaining forces of personal and social abuse of all forms. In our present era that is increasingly afflicted with antipathy, repression and violence, and fueled by social irrationality and meme-driven extremism and hysteria, it is critical to address the psychological and physiological arrhythmias and disharmonies. These are, literally, knots and blockages of energy flow that afflict people increasingly and which manifest in such disorders as the "Neuroplex" types and beyond in more violent forms.


Information Resources

We will soon provide here an expanded and updated list of downloadable papers that go into theoretical, technical and practical depth regarding all aspects of our approach and methodology for working with individuals and groups including families and communities.


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Logistics and Fees

Gaia Oasis operates on a professional fee-for-services basis.


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Gaia Oasis is a tehnical model, a methodology. This is applied within the work of the BEAT - the Biomedical and Energy Advancement Technology Center, which is a joint venture of TETRAD Institute of Complex System Dynamics and Intelligence Renaissance Industries, Inc., both permanent components of the ARC - Aletheia Renaissance Complex, a not-for-profit organization.
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